What are young DAP Malays being exposed to?



So our police ARE interested in the issue of sub rosa Christianization – see the tweet below regarding their persistent line of questioning in the case of missing Pastor Raymond Koh.

It is clear that Bukit Aman and Special Branch are monitoring this subterranean syndrome of pastors who, throughout the length and breadth of the country, have successfully persuaded vulnerable or impressionable Malaysians to embrace their Christian faith.

Yet there remains a veil of silence and secrecy cast by our authorities themselves over such public concerns. This is despite the fact that here all are ethnicities increasingly “becoming Christian” as a result of the concerted proselytization carried out by Malaysian evangelists.

⇓  We can see a microcosm of the face of Christianity in the DAP

CEC dominated by Christians

While the Christian missionaries feel at liberty to aggressively convert Malaysians from all walks of life, it is nonetheless still against our law for them to preach to Muslims and Malays.

This brings us to the exposure, environmentally, of Malays who are enticed to flirt with the DAP – a party that has pastors and church activists among its leadership.

The growing party has been loudly boasting that it has, of late, attracted legions of young Malays to join.

These are the new generation of Malay youth DAP members who will be taking part in party activities.

It has also been recently revealed how much of a grip charismatic Christian leaders have on the DAP.

There they mix politics and religion. The leaders have even conducted voter registration drives in church premises.

Some of the DAP leaders, like Hannah Yeoh for example, use their political platform to preach religion. At the same time, they also use their religious platform (being lay pastors) to talk politics.

This is the political Christianity milieu into which DAP Malay youths are immersing themselves.

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Christian issue: Denial won’t help DAP



Tengku Zulpuri Shah Raja Puji, one of DAP’s five new vice chairmen, has responded to Dr Kamarul Zaman Yusoff’s public musing about the ‘strange’ over abundance of Christians in the party top leadership.

Zulpuri – appointed on Sunday to fill the Malay quota among the vice chairmen – asked, “Apa yang peliknya sehingga dia (Dr Kamarul) terus menjaja isu ini?”

Dr Kamarul also came under fire over the same issue from Zulpuri’s predecessor Dr Ariffin Omar, a DAP Penang senator.

To recap, Dr Kamarul observed today in his Berita Harian column:

“Jadi, pemang pelik cara DAP berpolitik. Pada saat ia hadapi krisis keyakinan serius dalam kalangan pengundi Melayu, dan diserang dengan isu Kristianisasi, tokoh Kristian juga jadi pilihan utamanya untuk dilantik ke dalam CEC sedangkan ini hanya akan memperkuatkan lagi dakwaan bahawa DAP mempunyai agenda Kristianisasi.”

To be more precise, Dr Kamarul is noting that seven, or perhaps maybe eight, out of the DAP’s ten newly appointed CEC members are Christian. Is this not a curious fact to Tengku Zul?

To deflect Dr Kamarul’s perfectly legitimate observation, Zulpuri nonetheless accused the UUM academic of “rehashing a stale Umno script” in the run-up to GE14. The DAP leader’s allegation is reported in a Roketkini article today headlined ‘Agenda Kristian’: Pengulangan skrip lapuk Umno menjelang PRU14’.

⇓  It’s PAS – not Umno – that is opposed to ‘evangelis Kristian DAP’

Not at all an Umno script

Zulpuri’s accusation is off the mark. Dr Kamarul’s most recent analysis was not even reported in the official Umno Online or by the Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club (BNBBC) website or in the popular MyKMU, the Umno supporters’ portal.

Dr Kamarul’s view on the strong Christian element in the DAP was, however, yesterday given coverage in the PAS party organ – see ‘Komposisi baru DAP bukti agenda Kristianisasi?’, Harakah Daily.

This Christian factor is of great interest to PAS. Harakah Daily also carried an article querying ‘DAP dikuasai Kristian?’ previously on 30 May 2017.

Umno is actually quite indifferent to the matter. A Christianization agenda is concerning to PAS, not to Umno.

The following was reported in the alternative media: ‘PAS keluar dari Pakatan kerana sedar DAP adalah evangelis Kristian’ (Utara News, 5 June 2017), ‘PAS tuduh DAP perkasa Kristian’ (Malaysia Dateline, 21 May 2017), ‘Evangelis Kristian DAP, punca PAS batal tahaluf siyasi – Dr Zuhdi Marzuki’ (Menara, 4 June 2017), and many others in the same vein.

As early as two years ago, Isma first raised the red flag with its 11 June 2015 editorial ‘DAP dikuasai pemimpin berbahaya Kristian evangelis’.

This DAP-Christianization issue is rarely, if ever, touched on by mainstream Malay media linked to Umno ownership or media considered pro-establishment.

Umno does not want to rock the boat seeing that its fixed deposit votes are in Sabah and Sarawak – both states having a significant Christian population.

⇓  ” tak kira mana-mana individu pemimpin yang kuat agama”

Most reasonable to highlight DAP’s Christian factor

Contacted by Roketkini, DAP’s senator Dr Ariffin brushed off Dr Kamarul as making a wild and baseless accusation (“tuduhan semberono”).

Dr Ariffin further advised Dr Kamarul, “Nak cari pasal pun carilah yang munasabah sikit,” while adding “DAP dari dulu parti sekular berlandaskan perlembagaan, tak kira mana-mana individu pemimpin yang kuat agama atau tak kuat agama; Islam atau bukan-Islam, siapa-siapapun boleh sertai DAP”.

It is true that anybody is free to join the DAP.

But Dr Kamarul’s question – one which Dr Ariffin signally failed to address – is why the DAP appointed seven or even eight Christians to its 10-member unelected but co-opted CEC.

Let’s do a fact check first:

  1. Is Stephen Wong Tien Fatt a Christian?
  2. Is Thomas Su Keong Siong a Christian?
  3. Is Yeo Bee Yin a Christian?
  4. Is Ong Kian Ming a Christian?
  5. Is Jannie Lasimbang a Christian?
  6. Is John Brian Anthony a Christian?
  7. Is Hannah Yeoh Tseow Suan a Christian?

From his research, Dr Kamarul is convinced that they are. Indeed the evangelical activities carried out by several of the seven aforementioned individuals is on public record.

Is Wong Kah Woh a Christian? Dr Kamarul believes, very possibly.

Eight of ten… Pause and think about that number for a minute.

Clearly no Hindus were appointed, and only one Muslim, i.e. Tengku Zulpuri to the CEC.

Why then stack the deck with that very many Christians?

Dr Ariffin claims DAP is a secular party. “Elok dia fikir dulu sebelum bercakap” (to borrow and return his own words to him) … pray tell, why are leaders of a supposedly secular party so preoccupied with camping in the mosques?

Is it “munasabah” that eight Christians should be appointed to fill the ten available exco slots in a party that professes itself multi-religious? Tak pelik?

PAS has “seen the light” with regard to the DAP’s hidden nature and wants to have nothing to do the Christian-dominated party.

This evangelism narrative remains a ‘no go zone’ in the Umno sphere. It is laughable for the DAP’s Malay window-dressing to be taking personal potshots at Dr Kamarul and deceptively calling (what he has rightly highlighted) it as an “Umno script”.

This latest move by DAP will not go unnoticed by PAS.

What is being weighed in the balance is who – PAS or Umno – is reading the Malay ground better?

Umno is harping on the lack of Malay representation in the DAP leadership. Is this anything new?

PAS, on the other hand, will have realized that there is an over representation of Christians in the DAP upper echelons. Is this fact something worth pointing out?

Next question: What is the DAP agenda for not picking Malays (and Hindus) to have a stronger role in steering the ship? Duh.

What is the DAP agenda for picking an overwhelming number of Christians to sit in its highest council? Which of the two questions is more pertinent?

Despite that Umno steadfastly refuses to glance at this relevant question, don’t think that the Malay general public won’t.



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PAS concerned about Christianization, Umno not so much


PAS is deeply troubled by the DAP’s political Christianity whereas Umno appears indifferent to Malay voters’ concern about protecting Islam 

For PAS there are no two ways about it. Islam comes first and foremost.

For Umno – the United MALAYS National Organization – perhaps its priorities are in the order of Bangsa, Agama dan Negara. Religion comes second behind race.

For the Malay electorate, which issue is more important – Race or Religion? Maybe we’ll find out in the next general election when we see whether it is Umno or PAS which proves more popular with Malay voters.

Race rival, religious rival

The Chinese-dominated DAP is the chief opponent of Malay party Umno. The Christian-powered DAP is the main enemy of Islamist party PAS.

DAP held a party re-election recently on Sunday to pick its central executive committee (CEC).

Yesterday the national news agency Bernama quoted a review of the DAP party election results analyzed by political scientist Dr Kamarul Zaman Yusoff.

Bernama reported that Dr Kamarul had pointed out how DAP appointed merely one Malay, that is Tengku Zulpuri Shah Raja Puji, to the CEC.

Ten DAP members get CEC seats by appointment while 20 win their seats by election through votes cast by delegates to the party convention.

No Malay DAP member was elected on merit to the CEC, unless one counts Zairil Khir Johari as a ‘real’ Malay. (But then again as is publicly known, Zairil’s Chinese mother only married Zairil’s Malay stepfather Khir Johari when Zairil was already a grown boy.)

In its report, Bernama said: “The Malay voice and agenda are likely to continue to be isolated from the DAP struggle as reflected in the outcome of the re-election for the party Central Executive Committee yesterday, according to a political analyst (referring to Dr Kamarul)”.

Focusing on the race angle, Bernama added: “Evidently, the DAP just wanted to retain a Malay quota by appointing Tengku Zulpuri although it could have appointed more Malay leaders to the CEC”.

Although DAP did not appoint any other Malay aside from Tengku Zulpuri, it did appoint many, many Christians.

⇓ Dewan Ulama PAS: DAP full of Christians

Bernama did not touch on the religion aspect. In this regard, Bernama is just like Umno that invariably glosses over or even wholly ignores the underlying Christian nature of DAP.

It is understandable that Umno – as leader of a multiracial and multifaith BN – would choose to downplay the DAP’s political Christianity.

Umno likely prefers to stick its head in the sand lest it rocks the BN boat and jeopardize the ruling coalition’s fixed deposit in Sarawak, which is a Christian-majority state.

PAS, being a solo or independent and an all-Muslim party, however is not impeded by the same constraints as the ever cautious Umno.

Instead PAS has repeatedly voiced its concern over the DAP’s political Christianity. This worry about a covert religious agenda permeates all levels of the leadership in PAS.

⇓  PAS research centre director Dr Mohd Zuhdi Marzuki sounds warning

Is Gobind Singh Deo a Christian, many are wondering

Dr Kamarul’s analysis aligns with the deep concern expressed by PAS.

He observes that the composition of DAP’s new CEC strengthens public perception that the party “has a Christianization agenda”.

A non-Christian, Dr Boo Cheng Hau, has been conspicuously left out of the 2017 CEC as compared with the committee’s previous iteration – i.e. the twenty DAP exco originally elected on 15 Dec 2012 (where Dr Boo had managed to finish in the Top 20).

It is quite possible that close to half of the DAP’s newly re-elected CEC are Christian.

An interesting development highlighted by Dr Kamarul is the overwhelming number of evangelical Christians who have been appointed to the CEC presently.

According to Dr Kamarul’s research, the DAP leaders appointed to the CEC who appear to be involved in Christian or evangelical activities are Stephen Wong Tien Fatt, Thomas Su Keong Siong, Dr Ong Kian Ming, Hannah Yeoh Tseow Suan, Yeo Bee Yin, Dr John Brian Anthony dan Jannie Lasimbang.

DAP’s Christian leadership

While Dr Kamarul is uncertain about the religion professed by Wong Kah Woh, nonetheless he notes that YB Wong has often posted photographs in his social media showing his family’s church participation and celebrating of Christmas.

Wong is another one of the 10 appointed CEC members.

But any which way you parse it, the dominance of Christian leaders in the DAP is definitely disproportionate (way, way too many!) to the actual percentage of Christians in the Malaysian population.

Hindus, on the other hand, are under-represented in the DAP exco. Hindu champion P. Ramasamy – also Penang Deputy Chief Minister II – was this time neither elected nor appointed to the CEC.

Selangor exco V. Ganapathi Rao – who has a Hindu Rights Action Force/Hindraf-linked background – similarly failed to get himself either elected or appointed to his party CEC.

Nobody is sure who are Buddhist in the DAP leadership.

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Siapa buta sejarah?



Irshad Manji adalah seorang LGBT Muslim yang terkemuka.

Karya beliau berjudul Allah, Kebebasan Dan Cinta telah diterbitkan oleh ZI Publications – sebuah syarikat milik Zaid Ibrahim. Ia diterjemahkan daripada penulisan asalnya dalam bahasa Inggeris yang bertajuk Allah, Liberty and Love.

Buku tersebut sudah diharam oleh kerajaan Malaysia. Namun masih ada para pejuang kebebasan yang beria-ia menentang pengharaman karya Irshad Manji itu.

Azrul Mohd Khalib, seorang penggiat NGO yang mendokong hak asasi LGBT, umpamanya telah berkata “hanya si pemalas dan si pengecut sahaja yang akan mengkehendaki sesuatu benda itu diharamkan” (“Banning is the way of cowards and lazy people”.)

⇓  Azrul Mohd Khalib juga pengasas gerakan Bebas

Rencana Azrul bertarikh 3 Nov 2014 ‘On books, cowards and lazy people’ dimuatnaik ke laman Pemandu beralamat di Pemandu merupakan sebuah badan yang ditanggung belanjawan Pejabat Perdana Menteri.

Dalam pada itu, Jamil Khir Baharom, Menteri dalam Jabatan Perdana Menteri dan timbalannya Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki agak wajar meneliti bagaimana gejala liberalisme yang sebegitu menyimpang boleh berjaya menular ke wadah Pemandu – sebuah badan yang dibiayai PMO.

Pembela-pembela Irshad Manji – termasuk yang berada dalam organisasi Pemandu nampaknya – menganggap isu lesbian digalas kebebasan sastera. Mereka mahu seseorang penulis diberikan kebebasan bersuara yang seluas-luasnya meskipun suara itu sumbing dan ceritanya terasa jelik sekali.

Buku fahaman serong Allah, Kebebasan Dan Cinta diterima pejuang kebebasan tempatan kita tetapi novel Interlok pula ditentang hebat sehinggakan berbuah-buah air liur di bibir mereka.

Cuba campurtangan dalam sukatan pelajaran

Interlok sebuah hasil tulisan Sasterawan Negara Abdullah Hussain. Novel tersebut dijadikan bahan bacaan untuk mata pelajaran Bahasa Melayu komponen sastera Tingkatan 5.

Para pengkritik lantang membantah atas alasan Interlok membawa isu perkauman menerusi penggunaan perkataan ‘pariah’ bagi merujuk kepada pendatang India.

Mereka turut mendakwa Interlok memporak-perandakan negara dan mahu supaya ia diharamkan.

Siapakah yang sebenarnya memecah-belahkan masyarakat majmuk dalam negara ini? Adakah mereka yang bertahun-tahun membawa perbincangan sihat tentang nilai majmuk dalam karya sastera mereka atau ‘pejuang kebebasan’ yang enggan menghormati peruntukan undang-undang dan perlembagaan tempatan?

Puak liberal yang seringkali menjerit-pekikkan istilah hak dan kebebasan bersuara, kali ini menuntut pula penyekatan sesuatu karya. Inilah doktrin double standard.

⇓  Dr Lim Teck Ghee duduk di tengah

Sejarah ‘sebenar’ dari kacamata kaum minoriti

Di antara mereka yang membuat ulasan buku Interlok ialah Dr Lim Teck Ghee – salah seorang pelopor Kempen Sejarah Malaysia Sebenar.

Dalam kata Dr Lim sendiri, tujuan kempen adalah:

“It urges a review of the History curriculum which contains many shortcomings, including the overt and overly Islamic and Malay-centric slant, factual errors, half-truths, value judgments and politically motivated content.”

Kritikan lepas Dr Lim terhadap Interlok kini dikitar semula dalam buku barunya berjudul Challenging Malaysia’s Status Quo yang dilancarkan semalam.

Dalam rencananya ‘Interlok: Time to make a stand’, Dr Lim menggesa agar orangramai menyatakan penentangan mereka terhadap pemakaian Interlok sebagai teks sastera di sekolah menengah.

Secara ringkasnya, yang dipakai Dr Lim adalah: Perkauman dalam Interlok terhadap kaum India dan Cina adalah salah. Perkauman menentang ketuanan Melayu adalah bagus.

Pada pandangan beliau, Interlok kononnya telah dipilih khas untuk meneruskan proses “indoktrinasi” kerajaan melalui program Biro Tata Negara. Menurut hujah Dr Lim, BTN hanya bertujuan untuk meracuni minda orang muda untuk melihat naratif kebangsaan ala Umno.

Dr Lim mengutuk BTN kerana mengikut katanya program ini membenarkan kerajaan mencuci otak serentak menanam fahaman ‘3K’ – Ketuanan Umno, Ketuanan Melayu dan Ketuanan Islam.

Ketuanan sekular menolak naratif kebangsaan

Kebencian Dr Lim kepada 3K langsung tidak cuba disembunyikan.

Malahan beliau turut menceritakan bagaimana zalimnya kerajaan memaksa laporan rasmi yang dihantar kepada kerajaan – contohnya sebuah kertas kerja yang dihalusi Yong Poh Kon bagi pihak Majlis Perundingan Ekonomi Negara (Mapen) pada tahun 1991 – haruslah disediakan dalam Bahasa Melayu.

Bagi Dr Lim ini adalah arahan remeh walaupun sebetulnya ia adalah selari dengan peruntukan dalam Perkara 152 perlembagaan persekutuan yang memartabatkan bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa rasmi dan bahasa kebangsaan Malaysia.

Dr Lim seolah-olah hanya menyokong mereka yang mencemarkan elemen lapuk dalam negara, baik dari segi bahasa, pengajaran mahupun sejarah. Asalkan apa yang dikatakan mengecam Ketuanan Melayu, itulah yang akan disokong Dr Lim, bukan?

Jadi penentangan terhadap Interlok yang mencerita kisah sebenar menurut sudut pandangan khusus seorang Melayu tidak akan diterima melainkan pandangan itu mengecam kelangsungan naratif kebangsaan.

Mungkin Interlok akan diterima Dr Lim jika yang dikatakan rasis dalam buku itu bukanlah perkauman terhadap kaum India atau kaum Cina tetapi terhadap kaum Melayu. Maklumlah apa saja yang berkaitan dengan Ketuanan Melayu keji dimatanya.

Jika benar negara ini semakin tenat seperti yang dikatakan Dr Lim, yang menyebabkan penyakit barah terus merebak adalah mereka yang menyokong kaedah pemikiran seperti Dr Lim. Mereka ini yang menidakkan undang-undang, perlembagaan, fakta dan sejarah.

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Dr Lim Teck Ghee challenges Ketuanan Melayu



You can get an interesting glimpse into Dr Lim Teck Ghee’s idea of ‘ubah’ from the Who’s Who he endorses, and likewise those among the Who’s Who against whose opinions he places an adversarial question mark.

Dr Lim – an anti-establishment public intellectual – launched his book Challenging Malaysia’s Status Quo in Bangunan Sulaiman, KL today.

‘Status quo’ refers to “the existing state of affairs“. To ‘challenge’ it is to attempt to overturn things as they presently are. But in order to upend the status quo, you will need to install an alternative administration to bring about a different kind of socio-political situation.

In short, Dr Lim is a proponent of regime change.

Chinese students holding Malaysian flag upside down

Status quo enablers disliked by Pakatan supporters

Among Dr Lim’s betes noires (not quite exactly an enemy but certainly individuals opposed in viewpoint) in the academic and media circles are Prof. Emeritus Dr Khoo Kay Kim, Dr Chandra Muzaffar and Joceline Tan — personalities all of whom are mentioned in his new book.

Among other issues, Dr Lim is negative about:

  Prof. Khoo’s opinion, expressed to Utusan and featured on the paper’s front page, that many among our Chinese community do not think of Malaysia as their own country, and that this minority has strong racial sentiments;

  Dr Chandra’s decision in his later life to provide “intellectual capital” to the BN government, after having undergone an unhappy “political transformation” (Note: 1Malaysia Foundation chairman Dr Chandra had previously led the anti-government NGO Aliran);

  Joceline’s acceptance of the top media award at 2009’s inaugural Umno Media Appreciation Night, carrying with it a cash prize of RM5,000, a notebook and a certificate of appreciation handed by party president Najib Razak (Note: Joceline got RM2,000 more than even the Utusan reporter who received RM3,000 for best news article, and no notebook).

From the above, you might discern that Dr Lim’s issue with the aforementioned public figures is also partly because of their indirect association or cordial relationship with Umno/Utusan, and his perception of them as apologists for the status quo.

Among the more controversial figures in Dr Lim’s good books are Haris Ibrahim, Siti Kasim and Mariam Mokhtar. Their reputation as Malay loudmouths who stridently bash the establishment precedes them. Go ahead and connect the ‘Melayu screw Melayu’ dots.

Ridhuan Tee and his wife Norisah

Template of a Ridhuan Tee-like character

Dr Lim’s street cred as one of the country’s foremost anti-Umno ideologues is well established.

He sees Umno as being closed-minded and backward-looking – akin to the inquisitors that persecuted Galileo Galilei for daring to defy church orthodoxy, and the religious fanatics who prosecuted Socrates for being less than respectful of the gods (of ancient Greece).

The Italian inquisitors and Athenian zealots who had tormented Galileo and Socrates were on the wrong side of history.

In Dr Lim’s view, Umno too is on the wrong side of history. This, however, does not automatically put the opposing power (Pakatan) on the right side of history by default.

One of Dr Lim’s essays in his Challenging Malaysia’s Status Quo book visualizes a distant future when ‘national unity’ is achieved by the 100th anniversary of Merdeka.

He satirically depicts the year 2057 where the “sacred national mission” to entrench ‘Malay First’ has finally succeeded.

Parodying an unnamed Chinese professor – who we can safely guess to be Ridhuan Tee Abdullah – Dr Lim paints a scenario in which followers of this Malay Firster luminary in year 2057 rejoice that “the judgement of their mentor had been substantiated”.

This unnamed professor known for his criticism of the Chinese ultrakiasu-ness – according to Dr Lim’s satire – was a founding member of National Emeritus Professors Council “responsible for providing the critical breakthrough in ethnic identity and national consciousness”.

Dr Lim holds up the concept of ‘national identity’ predicated on a Malay ethnicity as the object of black humour and disdain.

The fictional future in Dr Lim’s parody is not one that he personally approves of, evidently. Based on a template of the Chinese professor who “was now classified as Malay”, Dr Lim morosely sees Malaysia in his 2057 crystal ball as a country wherein similarly all the different races are also identifying themselves as Malays.

This unwanted future scenario takes place once the “ultras” become the country’s dominant force, he predicts.

“The more things change …”

Dr Lim seemingly dislikes Ridhuan Tee, Khoo Kay Kim and Joceline Tan – the few Chinese who are immensely well liked by the pro-establishment Malays.

Going by the stance of his anti-Malay First satire, what then is Dr Lim’s own alternative vision for Malaysia 40 years down the road? How, in his considered opinion, are the minorities going to be able to manifest a fond embrace of Malaysia as their tanahair, and of the ruling monarchs to whom they’re supposed to be loyal subjects?

Does Dr Lim see no merit in a Malaysian of Chinese descent speaking Malay fluently and being conversant with Malay customs and culture as Ridhuan is?

Is it objectionable to acknowledge the historical and continued Malay sovereignty of this land as Prof. Khoo does? Is it equally objectionable for a Chinese writer to be more critical of the DAP than of Umno?

Already Dr Lim rejects the “three Ks” which he terms as “ketuanan Umno, ketuanan Melayu dan ketuanan Islam”.

Umno’s prolonged hegemony aside, what can viably fill the vacuum once ketuanan Melayu and ketuanan Islam is removed? Is ketuanan diversiti/multikulti to be its replacement? (‘multikulti’ is German multiculturalism, a term used largely in the western European context).

Dr Lim may not care which religion is ‘tuan’. Or he may prefer a ‘no state religion’ situation under the auspices of secularism. But he is a minority.

To take away ketuanan Melayu and ketuanan Islam is a nightmare scenario for the majority who fear that ketuanan Cina and ketuanan Kristian will rise to occupy the void.

Challenging Malaysia’s status quo has definite consequences. Dr Lim describes the symptoms of an increasingly right wing, nationalist state but his solutions are quixotic and questionable.

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The yellow fists of fury



Dr Kamarul Zaman Yusuff is not at all surprised Clare Rewcastle Brown has revealed Ambiga Sreenevasan to be the source of her allegation that PAS received RM90 million funding from Najib Razak.

The UUM political analyst is referencing court documents filed in the libel suit initiated by PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang in London against Sarawak Report – the website operated by Rewcastle Brown.

On her part, Ambiga complained about “targeted acts of intimidation and harassment” directed at her in Malaysia after Rewcastle Brown’s revelation was made public.

Ambiga with Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama in Washington DC

In her press statement on Thursday, Ambiga pictured herself as the victim of political persecution, not to mention the subject of sexist, racist and defamatory remarks.

Ambiga’s persecution complex is par for the course. She is the former Bar Council chairman, ex-Bersih 2.0 co-chair as well as current Human Rights Society of Malaysia (Hakam) president. In Ambiga’s rarified worldview, she is convinced she’s on the right side of the law, along the correct arc of history, plus she is ‘clean’ and she is the ultimate social justice warrior (SJW).

Rewcastle Brown had also suggested in her court papers that Ambiga is of the opinion Najib’s backing for the PAS Islamic agenda was made in return for PAS’s reciprocal support for the political status quo.

Evaluating the testimony by Rewcastle Brown, Dr Kamarul concludes it is Najib who is Ambiga’s real target, and not Hadi Awang.

Dr Kamarul further discerns that behind Ambiga’s SJW posturing, she harbours a great hatred against Najib and the BN coalition which he leads.

His conclusion is that hating on Najib has become the new normal among the likes of Ambiga. This reasoning is bolstered by hearing Ambiga speak at the Oct 14 ‘Anti Kleptocracy Rally’ in Petaling Jaya where she repeatedly exhorted her listeners, “BN must go”.

Preaching that BN is dirty and Harapan clean

“The 13th general elections were not clean by any stretch of the imagination, (and) I think the 14th general elections are going to be worse,” claimed Ambiga.

Dr Kamarul quotes her as saying the above at the regional conference on ‘Democracy in Southeast Asia: Achievements, Challenges, Prospects’ organized by Suhakam together with the Kofi Annan Foundation in Kuala Lumpur on Sept 2-3 this year.

Nonetheless, Ambiga has not backed up her accusations about the purported election rigging with any proofs, countered Dr Kamarul.

Barack Obama meeting Malaysian activist leaders on 27 April 2014

The problem with Ambiga and other self-righteous oppositionists of her ilk is their staunch belief that any hatred for the supposedly ‘corrupt’ present day establishment is something quite justified. Dr Kamarul describes her obsession as “kebencian meluap-luap Datuk Ambiga terhadap Datuk Seri Najib dan BN”.

The SJWs believe themselves some kind of upright ‘people’s tribunal’ sitting above and in moral judgment on the powers-that-be.

To achieve ther SJW objectives, these pro-opposition agitators are even willing to turn to foreign powers.

In doing so, they’re importing the hatefulness and divisiveness that is the hallmark of the zero-sum-game in western politics to our Malaysian shores.

And neither are the poltically correct SJWs any more ethical than the politicians they despise. Look at their U-turn or whitewashing of Tun Mahathir’s role in Ops Lalang.

Within this scheme of things, hating vehemently on Najib (and his wife) is an auto reflex. What they seem to forget, however, is that hate begets hate.

It is hardly wise for an unpopular minority to embark on such a course of action – one that promotes hate – when they themselves are more vulnerable than the targets of their vitriol.


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Rage and perpetual outrage of the haters



President Donald Trump’s main opponent is not the Democratic Party. It is the media.

Media owners and their editors, journalists, reporters, columnists (pix above: Garrison Keillor), news anchors and TV talking heads behave like they are the opposition, and appear more keen to take down Trump compared even with the Democrat politicians themselves.

Today especially they’re having a field day shooting at Trump following the announcement yesterday of criminal charges against three of his former campaign aides – see background details in footnote.

Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort fended off the media yesterday

While it is commonplace for CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post (WaPo), Vox, Slate and a few other belligerent liberal media to whip up hate 24/7 against Trump, one particular hatchet job published in Wapo today is, however, notable for its utter vileness.

The jeering article comes from Garrison Keillor (below) who writes a weekly column in the WaPo every Tuesday. Note: WaPo has a subscriber paywall but the same piece headlined ‘Donald Trump is done’ can also be read in the Chicago Tribune.

Among the legions of newsmen and writers who reflexively mock The Donald, Keillor most evidently loathes the President to a point far beyond the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that’s typical of anti-Trump media.

In his previous Wapo column on Aug 29, Keillor outright called Trump a “jerk” and labelling him “the madman” besides.

In his column today, Keillor employs the snarkiest hyperbole and brazen lies which he attempts to pass off as parody.

Keillor: “Worst president in history”

Copypasted below are a few sample paragraphs of abuse from his column that were directed by Keillor at Trump.

(The words in upper case are capitalized by Keillor.)

“He is NOT A NICE PERSON and so the name Trump is as popular as herpes these days,” wrote Keillor.

Grabbing the chance today to gloat, Keillor supposes himself to be clever but he’s actually being just plain vile.

“When his old campaign manager was indicted Monday, Mr Trump called me on the phone, crying like a baby … I have a recording of the phone call,” wrote Keillor.

Needless to say, Keillor is not telling any factual truth but penned his hyperbolic words for dramatic effect.

Keillor also wrote the following outrageous lies under the pretense of mocking satire:

“There are 14 recorded instances of him [Trump] kicking small dogs, and I have documentary proof of all but two of them.” / “Plus many other instances of him running around grabbing women’s cats.”

“[His wig is] from La Bouffant on 8th & 45th, 3rd floor. Horsehair. Palomino filly. I have receipts.”

“Trump shot a man on Fifth Avenue last year just to see if he could get away with it and he did.”

“Because the Army rejected him on account of bone spurs that you get from wearing high heels. Everybody knows that.”

“And when he salutes the flag, he doesn’t even look at it. Total disrespect for the flag.” / “First president in my lifetime who DOES NOT KNOW the words to The Star-Spangled Banner. The lips are not even moving.”

“[Trump] signs a presidential proclamation … and he holds it up like a kid holding up his school project that his mama wrote for him.”

Anti-Trump media baying for blood

It is par for the course that this 45th President of the United States is the object of daily target practice by the media. Among Trump’s many critics, the role of punching bag is usually not limited to Potus alone but extended to Flotus (Melania), Dotus (Ivanka) and the Trump sons and Son-in-Law.

Nonetheless, Wapo columnist Keillor takes the hate to a higher level by mocking Trump Tower and Trump fans.

“The wind whistles through the tower at night, roaches the size of rats. Ask anybody,” wrote Keillor.

“The same people who admire him tend to drive Dodge Darts and wear sweatshirts from schools they didn’t attend. Nobody stays in his hotels except foreign CEOs and their tootsies.”

Not content with insulting Trump’s “tweet-tweet-tweet” behaviour, Keillor lets rip on the Potus’ physical appearance “sleepytime eyes and la-di-da hair”. Nothing is too petty to slag.

We’ve seen too many newsmen go stark, raving mad in the throes of their Trump Derangement Syndrome.

It’s a slugfest on both sides of the battle. On his part, Trump trashes the media in his tweets and often calls the media detractors “fake news”.

Although Trump gives back as good as he gets, there is no denying that the media will never be satisfied until they succeed in impeaching Trump, or in other words putting Potus’ head on the chopping block.

You have to wonder how the media can hate the chief executive so very much. But then again, there are shades of this derangement syndrome as well in the visceral hate displayed against our own PM.

The liberal media is really not much different whether in the Disunited States of America or in Malaysia.

Investigations now in the news

USA special counsel Robert Mueller was tasked to uncover any links between Trump’s presidential campaign and Russian officials.

Mueller, a former FBI director, centred his probe on Washington lobbyist Paul Manafort, and Manafort’s aide Richard Gates.

Manafort was Trump’s election campaign manager from late June until mid August (less than three months) when he was ousted and his position taken over by Steve Bannon.

Mueller has not charged Manafort with conspiring against the USA on behalf of Russia and there is no mention of Trump in Manafort’s indictment either.

Manafort was granted bail of US$10 million. Gates was released on a US$5-million bail. Both are under house arrest after surrendering their passports. It looks like Mueller is trying to bait these lower-level figures with plea bargains in order to get at the big boss.

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Whither Islam if put five years under DAP?


DAP has been pleading endlessly to be given one shot at forming the federal government.

“Just one term,” is the beguiling plea constantly heard from the various DAP leaders. “If you don’t like us, you can return power to BN after our five-year experiment,” they promise.

The please ‘give-us-one-try’ argument may sound persuasive but reality is a different kettle of fish altogether.

For instance, Penangites unhappy with their state government are finding it virtually impossible to remove the ruling party because DAP has such an iron grip on Penang.

Look at what happens to dissenters, even those within their own ranks. Tanjung Bungah assemblyman Teh Yee Cheu, who raised the alarm about dangerous high-rise development on steep inclines in his constituency, is being treated as an enemy by his own comrades.

Teh now says he plans to quit DAP once the Penang state legislative assembly is dissolved to make way for the general election.

DAP leader not free from corruption charges

It’s quite understandable why a man of principle would feel that he needs to part ways with DAP, especially after the landslide last weekend in Tanjung Bungah that took 11 lives.

Penang voters had bought into the DAP’s ‘Hope & Change’ sales pitch and the result – the environmental degradation of their state – is clear for all to see.

DAP bragged that they were clean. Yet the party sec-gen is facing corruption charges in court.

Immediately upon taking over the Penang state government in 2008, Lim Guan Eng not only grabbed the chief minister’s post but also the Land portfolio in the state exco. Obviously with an agenda in mind.

Is DAP as clean as they project themselves to be?

In the wake of the fatal hillslope construction project approved despite objection by the Department of Environment, it’s highly possible that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) will begin to scrutinize the relationship between favoured developers and the DAP-led Penang state government.

DAP can no longer claim to be like Caesar’s wife − above suspicion. The party might have occupied the moral high ground previously but only because they did not have any power. Earlier without holding any state power, temptations to corruption were not within the DAP’s reach.

With their grubby hands on actual power, however, the scion of the party’s First Family is soon indicted for corruption and awaiting his trial.

Aside from Guan Eng, there was the incident involving DAP’s Perak warlords. Almost immediately upon taking over the Perak state government in 2008, Tailorgate implicating DAP Yang Berhormat Nga Kor Ming erupted.

Once in power, DAP will never let go

Likewise, shortly after taking over the Selangor state government in 2008, half a dozen DAP state assemblymen were investigated by the MACC. Read story here.

The six YBs from DAP under investigation were Ean Yong Hian Wah, Teresa Kok, Hannah Yeoh, Cheah Wing Wah, Lau Weng San and (the late) Edward Lee.

Unfortunately the sudden death of Teoh Beng Hock – an aide to Ean Yong and a witness summoned to help the authorities – appeared to have disrupted the MACC’s investigative work.

Despite the cloud over the head of the aforemention Selangor reps resulting from the MACC probe, DAP supporters still persist in the staunch belief that their leaders are white as snow.

Selangorians who believe otherwise are unable to kick out the Pakatan Harapan government, notwithstanding the DAP’s glib assurance that any time the voters become disenchanted, they can always bring back the BN to govern.

The truth is that anti-DAP voters in Selangor are not able to reinstate the BN. On the contrary, Pakatan has instead become further entrenched in Selangor and holding a four-fifths majority in the state assembly post-GE13.

In practice, the DAP’s ploy for the public give them a five-year test run will surely enable them to sink their sharp claws into power, and thereafter they will never let go. Penang and Selangor are evidence of this.

The main section of the electorate reluctant to vote for DAP are Malaysian Muslims. And for good reason.

Imagine if DAP should ever succeed in taking over Putrajaya. You have already seen how tenaciously the party consolidated its power in Penang and Selangor, and how it effectively indoctrinates the captive population.

To what extent do you think DAP will try to brainwash Malays once it has got its hands on all available the government machinery?

More importantly, what do you reckon the impact will be on Islam if it is DAP that is controlling the country?


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The yin and yang of Jamal Yunos



Sungai Besar Umno division chief Jamal Yunus is the quintessential agent provocateur. He is to the pro-establishment Malays what Namewee is to the anti-establishment Chinese.

And Jamal is equally popular, having many fans especially among Wanita Umno. Not everyone finds his outrageous gimmicks and antics off-putting, even when it extends to ‘assault’ − for example, smashing beer crates to protest Oktoberfest.

In the latest development, police have warned Jamal to desist from baiting Pakatan Harapan’s so-called anti-kleptocracy rally this weekend.

The truth of the matter is, the conservatives need someone like Jamal as a counterweight to someone like Tony Pua who is a truly appalling person.

There are many similarly ghastly evangelicals and demagogues in the opposition. The appeal to reason and compromise does not work with these Coalition of Hope hypocrites.

⇓  Latest Pew Research survey: Chart shows the huge distance between  Democrats and Republicans in their political values

The two sides of the political divide can no longer be bridged. There is a parallel to this in American politics. The left is just too radicalized, period.

John Daniel Davidson writes, “the median Democratic voter has radicalized much faster than the median Republican voter, and most of this radicalization happened while a Democratic president [Obama] was in office”.

Writing in The Federalist two days ago, the publication’s senior correspondent said, “Although it’s true that Republicans have moved further to the right as Democrats have moved further to the left, it’s the leftward slide that should worry us”.

It is likewise in Malaysia. The leftward slide – liberalism, secularism, pluralism – is indeed worrying. Yes, Jamal is a right-wing radical but he is merely a reaction and response to the increasing radicalization on the left.

If the opposition is hell-bent on doing disruptive rallies and throwing accusations around like confetti, why should they then feign surprise that a Jamal Yunos should emerge from the right to challenge them?

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Chinese will have no friends left because of DAP’s behaviour



We’ve already been introduced to the DAP’s ‘Melayu screw Melayu’ strategy. Have a look now at how DAP treats the outlier 10 percent Chinese voters who are against the evangelical party.

A recent incident below involving Tony Pua gives an idea of the ruthless scorched earth approach adopted by the DAP.

Tony is DAP’s national publicity secretary. Recently Tony, in his open letter to Eric See-To, showed Malaysia the true face of the DAP 2.0 upstarts.

Eric is the BN strategic communications deputy director but to Tony, he is a “nobody” and certainly not his friend.

Eric vs Tony

Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

So get this: In the opinion of the DAP national publicity secretary, the BN strategic communications deputy director – in comparison – is “a ‘nobody’ in politics”.

Tony views Eric as a nobody because he is “not a Minister, Deputy Minister, MP or Adun”. In Tony’s own view, however, he himself is a ‘somebody’. Why? Only because Tony holds a ‘Yang Berhormat’ title after having been elected to the Petaling Jaya Utara constituency, plus being a bona fide “political party leader” in his capacity as Selangor DAP chairman.

Hence the ordinary rakyat should be aware that whenever Joe Public attempts to touch on politics or to air his political views, he is at the end of the day still merely a ‘nobody’ who can be dismissed by Tony and his DAP colleagues with a wave of the hand.

To be worthy of the attention of the DAP movers and shakers, you need to have a YB prefixed to your name.

And if you ever wondered where the RBA get their manners from, look no further than the DAP national publicity secretary. It’s called ‘Leadership by example’.

From Tony’s mouth spews the Dapster stock phrases and standard mockery, for example, “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen”. This is what the RBA would typically say.

For Tony (in his open letter) to say to Eric, “you wailed like a newborn crybaby”, “Do you need a box of tissues?”, “Are tears rolling out too? Do you need a pacifier?” is indicative of the level of immaturity in the DAP’s second echelon leadership. Not to mention their Christian pettiness.

After more childish taunting – “I’m sure you [Eric] will want the last word and whine some more after this”, “Go ahead, entertain yourself silly” – Tony attempts to grandstand, saying “this will be my only response. I’m pretty sure my voters will tell me I have better and more important things to do”.

Hopefully the Malaysian electorate can by now realise how unimportant they are in the DAP scheme of things and beneath contempt, especially if the voter is someone on the side of the hated establishment.

⇓  Tony has new VVIP friend Joseph (seated below) who’s a big ‘somebody’

Tony throws Eric’s friendship in the bin

Tony’s jiwa kecil is crystalized in the passage below he penned to Eric whom had once lent him RM100,000.

Tony wrote the following:

“And yes, you [Eric] kindly provided me with a RM100k 10-day loan for my then-company when we faced problems with our own debtors some 12 years ago (fully repaid – yes, 12 years ago). Yes, thank you very much. So, because of that, you are ‘somebody’? … Don’t make me laugh.”

Evidently the unschooled Tony is unacquainted with the pantun below. Sad.

Pisang emas dibawa berlayar
Masak sebiji di atas peti
Hutang emas boleh dibayar
Hutang budi dibawa mati

Not only does Tony not want Eric to refer to them as ‘friends’, Tony also says that he is “embarrassed” when Eric publicly brings up their (past) friendship.

And not only does Tony refuse to consider Eric as a friend but Tony goes so far as to regard Eric as a political adversary that must be attacked (“spanked”) in public.

The following are reasons provided by Tony why he considers Eric to be beyond the pale.

  “You have made the choice to swim with the sharks in BN.”

  “You have decided that it is in your interest to publicly defend and lick the asses of the kleptocratic leaders who have stolen tens of billions of ringgit to enrich themselves.”

  “You have thrown your lot with them.”

⇓  Tony and DAP strategist Liew Chin Tong visit Dr M in his office

Actually, one can easily throw back to the DAP what Tony has just said above. To mirror Tony’s words:

⇒  You, DAP leaders, have made the choice to swim with the sharks (of PBBM).

⇒  You, DAP leaders, have decided that it is in your interest to publicly defend and lick the ass of Tun Dr Mahathir under whose watch Barry Wain, in his book Malaysian Maverick, said was responsible for RM100 billion losses in the Bank Negara forex gamble and the foray into the international tin market.

⇒  You, DAP leaders, have thrown your lot with Mahathir, Muhyiddin and the rest of the ex-Umno potentates.

How different are DAP leaders from MCA?

Finally, this passage about making someone an enemy reveals the kind thinking in Tony and his DAP colleagues who have only tasted a bit of popularity and power not too long ago.

Tony declares:

“I have made it my mission to fight these crooks, and whoever who stands by them – regardless of whether they were friends or even family. And I make no apologies for it.”

Please take note that in the mind of Tony and his ilk, the ‘crooks’ are all congregated in the BN whereas the DAP is full of angels. Interestingly, the DAP archangel lives not in the heavens above but in an underpriced Penang bungalow with bad feng shui and no swimming pool.

Well never mind if Eric reached out to congratulate Tony after he won the 2008 general election. Never mind if Eric is able to overlook their political differences and still wanted to maintain their friendship regardless.

To Tony, anyone who is aligned or who gives his allegiance to BN is a mortal enemy.

There are big pitfalls in this arrogant attitude of the DAP leadership and their staunch supporters who place so little value on non-partisan friendship.

It is easy to see how DAP has made enemies at every turn. In fact, DAP sees hatred everywhere, so much so that some of its leaders terasa at the car registration plate ‘DAP165’ featured in local Malay movie Malay Regiment.

DAP has no Malay friends. The Umno people can’t stand DAP. The PAS people can’t stand DAP. Many PKR people can’t stand the DAP either as evidenced in their periodic internecine fighting over certain DUN and parliament seats.

Does DAP believe that PBBM is a friend? Its new BFF Tun Mahathir is notoriously temperamental.

Dr M has a history of talak tiga with his former party: The first time in 1969 when he was expelled from Umno by Tunku, then in 2008 departing in a huff at Pak Lah, and the third time after a hissy fit at Najib last year. A number of PBBM founding members have also left Dr M’s young, new party.

If Mahathir is even willing to ‘unfriend’ the old party he himself created in 1988, expect him to be capable of throwing DAP under the bus at any time. Thus PBBM is hardly a reliable Malay friend for the DAP to have.

Ultimately, there is only Mat Sabu and his small PAN gang who are DAP’s friends. Few people want to befriend DAP − a party that has the Tony Pua- type character.

The Chinese who are in thrall to the DAP are following their party into a place where they will eventually be left alienated and friendless. Sadly the Chinese are still unable to imagine what the DAP is doing to them.


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