Civil war between two tribes



Some liberals in Malaysia are a super sneaky bunch of people, especially those in the left-wing press. Apart from their lack of journalistic ethics, they possess very little human decency either.

That’s why conservatives can’t stand liberals.

Take the following sly piece of reporting by a liberal reporter/editor in the ultra left news portal FMT.

The FMT article (above) is published today.

It reports on a political commentary by Azeem Ibrahim and quotes the Centre for Global Policy analyst without even mentioning when the original version was first published.

For the record, Azeem’s analysis had initially appeared in Al Arabiya on 25 July 2016 − more than a year ago. FMT regurgitated this one-year old Al-Arabiya material, and through its (FMT‘s) expedient omission of source dateline, tries to pass it off as current news.

Enter Mr Maverick Zaid Ibrahim.

Super sneaky FMT

Immediately after publishing the one-year old Al-Arabiya above, news manufacturer extraordinaire FMT gets DAP’s Zaid to comment on what FMT called “an article recently published by Al Arabiya News Channel’s online service”.

Hullo! An article that is already 375 days old can hardly be described as “recent”.

In any case, Zaid – being DAP – happily colluded with the sneaky portal to validate Azeem’s negative views about Malaysia as a Muslim country.

FMT opportunistically then recorded Zaid’s remarks “responding to” the Al-Arabiya commentary in a separate follow-up article today.

Liberals and their hypocritical virtue signaling

Double standards for liberal media

While the liberal media is allowed a free pass by the Harapan leaders, conservative media is however taken to task for reporting the very same thing − see bottom of this page a comparison of FMT vs Menara in their respective reports on PAN politician Siti Mariah Mahmud.

Meanwhile, prominent lawyer-activist Lukman Sheriff last week pointed out another aspect of the liberal hypocrisy.

He highlighted the emergence of a fairly newish portal Menara – located at a domain – that has been successful in pushing back against the sneaky left media and their sneaky liberal narrative.

According to Lukman, the right-wing Menara has been so successful in countering the left that a black ops unit (Lukman suspects the fraudsters to be “ultra liberal” cyber operatives) have set up a counterfeit site called ‘Menara-my’.

“See how duplicitous and fraudulent they are in using the same name. They have no shame in confusing people,” said Lukman.

He added it is typical of the shameless black ops agents on the left side of the political divide to be devious “even to the point of falsifying and stealing an identity”.

“That’s how low these ultra liberals / left have been.”

Yup. Sneaky and low indeed to masquerade their imitation Menara-my on the coattails of the genuine

Sneaky media in cahoots with Harapan

Below is how FMT reported what Kota Raja MP Siti Mariah Mahmud said in Parliament on July 30 during the debate on a domestic violence amendment bill.

“Wanita Amanah mencadangkan agar pasangan yang tidak berkahwin diberi perlindungan yang sewajarnya di bawah Akta Keganasan Rumah Tangga (AKRT) 2017 yang sedang dipinda. Ketuanya Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud berkata, sehingga kini tidak ada undang-undang yang boleh melindungi pasangan yang tidak berkahwin daripada keganasan.”

Below is how (the real) Menara reported it:

“Dua hari lepas, Ahli Parlimen Kota Raja, Siti Mariah Mahmud (Amanah) dalam membahaskan Rang Undang-Undang Keganasan Rumah Tangga (Pindaan) mencadangkan agar undang-undang yang sedang dipinda itu juga terpakai kepada pasangan-pasangan yang bersekududukan.”

In essence, there is nothing to complain about with regard to Menara’s wording above if at the same time YB Siti Mariah finds the FMT report – or a similar MMO account – to be acceptable.

Yet the Kota Raja MPconsiders the Menara report to be objectionable – allegedly ‘sensationalizing’ her liberal stance – whereas the opposition-friendly FMT and MMO articles are alright by her.

From the video of the proceedings (above) in parliament, you can listen for yourself what YB Siti Mariah said during the House sitting:

“Jadi tidak ada, jadi kalau berlaku penderaan ini ataupun keganasan mungkin di bawah akta lain diguna sebagai keganasan, tidak di bawah ini. Mungkin ada begitu tapi kita tahu juga tidak semua orang dalam keadaan masyarakat kita sekarang dia berkahwin, dia cohabit ramai.”

She clearly said “cohabit”. Menara translated it as “pasangan yang bersekududukan“. How is the translation deemed inaccurate?

As a society, Malaysia is now split into two − liberals and conservatives. These two tribes and their aligned media are engaged in a war of attrition. There is no more middle ground in our country.

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