DAP Malay leader calls on Muslims to love Christians



The names of Hannah Yeoh, Lim Guan Eng and Teresa Kok were brought up recently by senator Ibrahim Shah Abu Shah in connection with the evangelization syndrome in Malaysia.

Speaking in the senate, Ibrahim said DAP leaders are very “aggressive” in pioneering the evangelical movement.

He highlighted the supposed association between Christian missiology and certain sections of the political ruling class (i.e. DAP elected representatives in Penang and Selangor).

Ibrahim also mentioned Hannah Yeoh’s involvement with the Methodist Damansara Utama Church, adding he finds the matter (of their religious subterfuge) to be worrying or “cukup menakutkan”.

DUMC is the church that was previously embroiled in controversy following a Jais raid on its premises.

⇓  DUMC suspected of converting Muslims

Hannah Yeoh preaching politics in DUMC

DAP’s sole Malay MP tasked to defend evangelists

Ibrahim is a first-term senator. He was formerly vice chancellor of Universiti Teknologi Mara.

Earlier on April 19, Ibrahim had been involved in verbal combat with DAP senator Ariffin Omar in a senate meeting.

The exchange between Ibrahim and Ariffin became a belated news headline today when news portal Menara reported on it as per the Hansard transcript.

Responding today to allegations of proselytization raised by the retired UiTM academic, DAP’s sole Malay member of parliament Mohamad Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz said only a mentally sick individual would venture to suggest that DAP is controlled by evangelists.

The MP for Raub insisted that DAP is a secular party. He said although DAP parliamentarian Teresa Kok is nicknamed ‘Mother Teresa’, her moniker nonetheless should not be taken to imply that the Seputeh MP is a nun or preacher.

Quoted in his party organ Roketkini, Ariff countered that if the DAP agenda was really to proselytize, then its own Malay members would surely be the first ones to be converted.

What Ariff may have, rather unwittingly, revealed above is grist for the mill. It is quite evident that the DAP’s more prominent Malay members are the definitely liberal type.

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Posted by Nasrudin Hassan on 5hb Jun 2017

Abdul Isa Aziz – who is special assistant to the Sarawak DAP chairman – last week bashed PAS’s Nasrudin Hassan for describing the evangelists as “aggressive and cunning” — see the parti Islam information chief’s Facebook entry above.

Nasrudin had warned Muslims that evangelists are a threat to our country.

Like Ariff who had slammed critics of DAP’s evangelism as “mengarut” and “orang sakit mental”, Isa (pix above) similarly dubbed Nasrudin as someone possessing “otak masih karat” and being a racist and extremist. 

Isa said in his June 8 press statement that “only people with an unsound mind and evil heart will have this kind of unnecessary feeling and wild imagination against the Christians”.

Isa called on the PAS religious fundamentalists to “stop provoking other religions, start loving their followers”.

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