DAP secularism fake since Hannah preaches politics in church


DAP is throwing a red herring to divert from the issue of Hannah Yeoh et al.’s religiosity negating any possibility for her party to be secular

By Faidhur Rahman Abdul Hadi

Dr Kamarul Zaman Yusoff lectures in political science. It is his area of academic study and professional expertise.

It is also his expert opinion that Hannah Yeoh is being hypocrital in her role as party poster girl.

DAP portrays itself to be a secular party and championing secularism. In practice though, its national leaders actively play the religious card, same as their political opponents whom they viciously condemn.

Now that’s hypocrisy. It’s doubly hypocritical when DAP plays both the Christian and Islam card, and triply hypocritical when its sec-gen Lim Guan Eng hijacks Wesak, Deepavali and Thaipusam festival greetings too for his political agenda.

⇓  Hannah Yeoh’s Chinese interns 

Now look at the photograph below. It is Subang Jaya Adun Hannah Yeoh speaking at the Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC). See the projected slide behind her; can you see the words “politics & government” in bullet point?

Hannah, presently the Selangor Speaker, was in church talking about politics. This is the crux of the matter. ‘Secularism’ – which the DAP preaches but fails to comprehend – separates religion from church and the function of the state.

When DAP politicians bring God into everything, then religion and church become fused. Hence DAP can hardly be called secular.

⇓  Hannah talking about DUMC’s ‘Year of Influence’ in various spheres, including the political dimension

DAP’s Christianity a cause for concern

Can you picture an imam or khatib making a power point presentation in the mosque on politics?

It is the evangelical Dapsters who always attack Muslims on our political Islam but conveniently ignoring the political Christianity of the DAP.

Note that Hannah is as good as a career pastor. She is evidently an itinerant lay preacher, giving talks from church to church.

Rightly, PAS research centre director Dr Mohd Zuhdi Marzuki wants to know if Hannah is a Dominionist. Dewan Ulama PAS believes that DAP is full of Christians.

Prominent Muslim NGO Isma is convinced of the strong Christianity strain (influence) running through the DAP.

⇓  What a vulture! Hannah praising a teenager’s deathbed conversion

Dapsters can’t tolerate someone speaking truth to The Party

When such blatant hyprocrisy on the part of the DAP pretending to be secular is called out, the Dapsters go berserk.

Such was the case when Dr Kamarul, a Universiti Utara (UUM) academician, cited on his Facebook the doublespeak which the DAP and its supporters prefer to engage in.

They like to scream “secular, secular, secular!” and at the same time raise their hands to high heaven crying ‘hosanna’ at Hallelujah Hannah’s sermons.

⇓  Hallelujah Hannah, preacher woman extraordinaire

How can DAP ever square the ‘secular’ circle in view of Hannah’s Christian preachiness?

Dr Kamarul had pointed out some salient facts disclosed by the DAP media darling in her own book Becoming Hannah. Basically, she is a politician cum preacher.

YB Hallelujah describes herself thus – “Hannah Yeoh, lives for God” in both her autobiography and her Twitter profile.

Hannah may claim that she “lives for God” but do observe the order of priorities listed in her Twitter biodata (see below). 


(1) Speaker of the Selangor State Legislative Assembly

(2) Adun for Subang Jaya since 2008

(3) Lives for God

(4) Ram’s wife

(5) Mommy to Shay Adora & Kayleigh Imani

Living for God comes only after her vocation as Speaker and Yang Berhormat. Hannah is the consummate political animal preying on religion just like the Borgia cardinals in Machiavelli’s Italy.

In summary, Hannah is a politician-preacher. Or a preacher-politician if you will. But most of all, she’s a hypocrite.

Dr Kamarul (below) actually has no issue with Hannah’s Christian faith. It is her sly pretense that grates.

The fruit does not fall far from the tree

We can’t fault Dr Kamarul either for highlighting how, although Hallelujah Hannah’s avowed “true longing” is to be a preacher, yet she basks in the worldly glory of her Madame Speaker robes.

Hannah’s many little helpers in media and her rabid fan club would have you believe that poor Dr Kamarul is so “weak” a Muslim that his faith can be easily shaken by Hannah’s Christian-flavoured book.

  @syahredzan is a former Bar Council member

The twit above is my senior in legal practice but he makes a truly loyar burok not to mention, hypocritical, argument. His line about “sikit2 baca benda pasal agama lain konon tergugat” is merely a straw man ventilated by DAP defenders to deflect from the real issue.

It is not Dr Kamarul’s iman that is in question. He is not a politician. And nor is he advocating the secular state.

What the UUM academic has pointed out – quite validly – is Hannah’s declaration that it is her elevated “political office” which has provided the opportunity and a wider platform to preach to audiences.

In a nutshell, Hannah’s political position it what enabled her preaching, and vice versa her mission in the churches is the enabling mechanism for creating her voter base.

⇓  Hannah on godly mission to cleanse Malaysia of its sins

Hannah, holy vessel of God

The whole lot of them – the leftists, the liberals, evangelicals – are a bunch of hypocrites from head honcho down to the Dapster foot soldiers.

Take our pro-Hannah human rights warrior Syahredzan Johan for one. He says only chickens will make a police report.

In truth, it is Hannah who is the most trigger happy in making police reports. Why Hannah had even wanted to lodge police report(s) against an ustaz and others who merely wished to ascertain whether the tudung fashion icon had already converted to Islam.

If you’re frequently seen camping in mosques, then it is only natural for ordinary Muslims to wonder if you’re a maulaf. Why should this curiosity be a cause for police reports to be made against you, as threatened by Hannah.

Selangor Speaker Hannah Yeoh in her tudung costume

Syahredzan also forgets that it is Hannah who first lodged a police report against Dr Kamarul. Woi! To mirror Syahredzan, “Kenapa tak pi ajak Dr Kamarul debat?”

On Twitter, @syahredzan parrots the DAP mantra that Hannah’s book is harmless. He calls it “a personal account of her journey to becoming an Adun” (see below).

Syahredzan’s mindless echo reflects the standard DAP excuse – “personal biography of herself and did not directly nor indirectly refer to the principles and struggles of DAP”.

LOL! I’ve read her book and all I can say is, who does she think she’s trying to kid? But more on that later.

In the meantime, let’s consider Syahredzan’s other pronouncements on Hannah, i.e. “Her strength and conviction comes from her religion” and “What is wrong with drawing strength from one’s faith to be in politics?”

So we have Hannah the Political Animal inextricably intertwined with Hannah the Religious Chameleon. Indeed, Dr Kamarul is right to be worried. Very worried.

Cakap tak serupa bikin

Lastly, permit me to touch on the popular ‘freedom of speech’ concept.

Expecting the DAP and Dapsters to practise what they preach is like expecting it to snow in Subang Jaya.

Hannah is a noisy advocate of it (see her tweet above). However, for all her chest-thumping, she does not endorse Dr Kamarul’s right to his freedom of expression notwithstanding that as an academic, it is incumbent upon him to be a critical thinker.

And then there are the usual suspects proclaiming their adherence to free speech and secular state. Like the Bangsa Malaysia talking heads in The Star, for example.

Hannah’s fanatical fan base has been attacking Dr Kamarul with rabid abandon. The fruit does not fall far from the tree. As the leader is, so are her pathalogical followers – 138,000 of them in Twitterverse alone.

One cannot imagine the supporters of, say, Hassan Nasrudin et Tantawi (Temerloh MP) to be savagely attacking the PAS ustaz’s critics in academia – just to toss a name, say, Azmi Sharom – compared to Hannah’s supporters now attacking Dr Kamarul.

For the followers to be so psychotic says a lot about the DAP idols they worship.

The deranged Dapsters have been savaging and slandering Dr Kamarul but I do not see the regular free speech fighters coming to his defence. How shameful.

Faidhur Rahman Abdul Hadi is a lawyer and activist

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