Do M’sian secularists have secret agenda for promoting LGBT freedoms?



Demographers define 2.0 births per woman as the minimum fertility rate which is needed for a population to replace itself.

Across Europe, national populations that are white are increasingly unable to replace themselves. In Austria, the fertility rate is only 1.49.

Reminder: Each couple needs to have at least two children in order to replace themselves.

A sampling of national fertility rate: Denmark (1.71), Finland (1.65), Greece (1.33), Hungary (1.45), Italy (1.35), Holland (1.66), Poland (1.66), Portugal (1.31), Spain (1.33) — Source: The Eurostat database released in September 2017

An anecdotal look at the family structure of certain prominent European leaders provides a clue as to why whites are disappearing.

Leadership by example


Most prominently, the “leader of the free world” Angela Merkel is childless.

Germany’s long-serving Chancellor is once divorced. Although her second husband Jaochim Sauer has two sons from his previous marriage, Merkel herself has no biological children.

In recent years, Germany has been vying with Japan for the title of the major or big country to have the world’s lowest birth rate. Both Japan and Germany have been swapping the top spot for having the fewest children per couple globally.


In October 2016, Germany’s Federal Statistics Office announced that the German birthrate has spiked upwards and reached its highest level since 33 years ago − “boosted mainly by babies born to migrant women” (get link to Reuters report embedded in tweet above).

Already Germany has among the highest levels of immigration in the world but in September 2015, Merkel further threw her country’s borders wide open to a mass influx of refugees.


Like her counterpart Angela Merkel, British prime minister Theresa May has never had any children. The childless British premier is actually a part of a wider general trend. Secular whites just lack interest in making babies.

For more than half a dozen years already, British whites are a minority in their country’s own capital city. The UK census of 2011 showed that more than half (55 percent) of Londoners were not white.

In recent years, ‘Mohammed’ has become the most popular boy’s name in England − also spelled Muhammad/ Mohammad/ Mohamed as well as in other various other ways.

⇓  Irish PM Leo Varadkar and his partner Matt Barrett take part in Montreal’s gay pride parade; Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is in the middle


French president Emmanuel Macron is 40 of his own and does not have any children although he does have stepchildren. Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte at age 50 is still single, and childless.

Elio Di Rupo, who was prime minister of Belgium (2011-2014), is a homosexual. Johanna Sigurdardottir, who was the female prime minister of Iceland (2009-2013), has a wife. She is a lesbian legally married to a woman.

Xavier Bettel, who is currently (since 2013) the prime minister of Luxembourg, has a husband. His husband is Gauthier Destenay.

Destenay was the only First Gentleman in the photo call below – taken a few months ago in Brussels – of a bevy of First Ladies. The White House Facebook omitted Destenay’s name from the group photo caption.

Leo Varadkar, who this year became prime minister of Ireland, is gay. He has a boyfriend but is not married.

Ana Brnabic, who has been prime minister of Serbia since the middle of this year, is a lesbian. Two weeks ago, Brnabic joined 1,000 activists to march in Belgrade’s gay pride parade.

Among Europe’s public figures in the field of politics, there are cabinet ministers, Speakers and MPs who are openly homosexual. The most recent one to be cast in the limelight is German lesbian MP Alice Weidel who is co-leader of her country’s third biggest party AfD.

AfD is anti immigration and anti Islam.

⇓  AfD’s election campaign poster encouraging white women to make their own German babies

Closer to home

Penny Wong, the opposition leader in the Australian senate, is a lesbian with a “domestic partner” who conceived their two children using donor sperm.

Penny was born in Malaysia and thus is an emigrant to Australia. She is also a practising Christian.

Western family values have clearly been turned upside down.

Meanwhile, in the restive Burmese state of Rakhine, the fertility rate is at 2.2 children per Buddhist woman. In contrast, the fertility rate for Muslim Rohingya woman is estimated to be about 3.8.

Or you can otherwise say, the Rohingya woman is having twice the number of children as the Rakhine woman.

Myanmar attempted to stem its rapid Muslim population growth by mooting a two-child (limit) policy in 2013 to apply to Rohingya families.

From the continent-wide European example, we can see how gay, single or childless whites are unable to replace themselves and hence steadily diminishing their national population while immigrants outpace them in growth.

Now ask yourselves why certain secular quarters in Malaysia are encouraging unfettered freedoms for LGBT, feminism and liberalism.

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