Donald Trump’s friend Najib and their common cause



The liberal media like to portray Donald Trump as a buffoon but he’s definitely a lot more canny than they’re willing to credit.

Recently the politically correct media slapped down the president over his un-PC tweet where he said the “loser terrorist(s)” who attacked the London underground train “were in the sights of Scotland Yard”.

(Scotland Yard is the London metropolitan police.)

And it turns out Trump was right.

Media spinning liberal counter narrative

In his controversial tweet, Trump implied British authorities had already got the terrorists under their nose but nonetheless failed to prevent the bucket bomb attack.

(Radicalized Muslims with the potential to turn jihadi are put under surveillance by British police.)

On Friday (Sept 15), a fireball from an improvised explosive device detonated in a white bucket at the Parsons Green tube station and injured 30 people.

British leaders not upfront, Trump right

British Prime Minister Theresa May rebuked Trump for being unhelpful in telling the public things that she refuses to divulge while Home Minister Amber Rudd tried to shut down the information flow by warning ‘don’t speculate’.

Yet it quickly appears that Trump’s intel briefing was on the dot. Police had indeed got the suspect in custody a fortnight earlier.

Currently detained under Britain’s Terrorism Act 2000 for the Parsons Green attack are Syrian asylum seeker Yahya Farroukh, 21, and his younger friend − an Iraqi refugee whose name is being withheld by the press.

The 18-year-old Iraqi has been under foster care, and his Muslim family are reportefly unhappy that he is lodged with a Christian family in England.

Trump knows fake news when he sees it

It’s clear that not only is the mocking media unscrupulously biased but they’re out to do Trump in. They slam him even when he is right.

The media pouring scorn 24/7 on Trump is the hateful voice of the Democrats. Local media pouring scorn on Najib Razak certainly sound like their editorial floor is full of Dapsters.

Like Trump, Najib similarly receives bad press from a section of the domestic media. During his recent White House visit, Najib was also given negative coverage from the same Trump-deriding populist and legacy media.

The uncomplimentary reporting on Najib did little to influence Trump who himself distrusts and despises the said media such as CNN and The New York Times.

Earlier the anti-Najib media painted a picture as if the prime minister was a persona non grata in Washington DC. Pakatan Harapan boss Mahathir Mohamad even claimed that Najib would be arrested by Interpol were he to travel abroad.

Now that Najib’s Washington trip has been successfully concluded – not to mention how he was received as “my friend” by Prisident Trump – we can safely say that the media-bashing of Najib was inconsequential and had no impact on Najib’s reputation in the eyes of the Potus.

Given his own awful experience with American media, Trump knows better than to have any truck with the fake news concocted about Najib.




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