Malay votes that Umno will lose because of MCA


“MCA must grow up!”, says 14-year-old blogger Ahmad Ali Karim.

The young teenager urged MCA to learn to be rational, noting that the party has illogically gone all out to fight RUU355. Battling the proposed amendments to the Syariah Court (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act is suicidal when MCA voters are actually Malay.

“It is not a secret that the majority of the Chinese did not vote for MCA during the last general election and obviously will still not be supporting MCA in the coming GE14,” adds Ali.

“So the MCA’s candidates can only win the election if the Malay voters who support Umno vote for them [MCA] in order to uphold Islam in Malaysia as so far proven by the Umno-led BN,” Ali writes today in his blog post ‘DAP uses MCA to ‘screw’ Umno?

Ali reminded that MCA needs to remember it must not fall into the DAP’s trap unless the BN component party somehow or other intends to commit harakiri.

DAP using MCA to ‘screw’ Umno

The teenage blogger reads DAP’s strategy as an attempt “to use MCA as a tool to make the Malays hate Umno so that they won’t be voting for Umno and other BN candidates, including (those of) MCA itself”.

DAP has been pressuring MCA to quit BN as a protest against Umno working together with PAS “to get hudud implemented through backdoor channels”.

Ali believes that DAP dares to pressure MCA because it knows that MCA will still not be able to win the heart of those Chinese inclined to Pakatan despite the fact that MCA has gone all out to fight RUU355.

Not only that, Ali views MCA as going so far as to arm twist Umno into bailing out from the latter’s support of RUU355.

“So, does it make any sense for MCA to be so arrogant and make the people [i.e. Malays] who voted for them feel very, very angry, unappreciated and cheated?” Ali asks.

The feeling of anger among pro-establishment Malays is only to the benefit of the federal opposition.

In general, the so-called modern Malays such as the ones supporting LGBT rights, religious pluralism and liberalism will not vote for Umno in any case because they feel that Umno’s approach to Islam is not ‘progressive’ enough.

But if however Umno’s conservative Malay voter base is provoked due to the failure of RUU355 to pass, then some might even – in frustration – shift their vote to the self-styled ‘progressive’ Malay parties in backlash, Ali suggests.

“And one of the best ways to deny Umno a [GE14] win is to stop it from supporting the amendment of Act 355,” opines Ali.

⇓  MCA president Liow Tiong Lai is anti-355

Who is MCA’s biggest enemy — DAP or PAS?

“DAP will do anything to make the voters hate MCA”, writes Ali.

On the other hand, Ali assesses that the Chinese who have been voting MCA-BN are those who do not agree with the harsh ideology of DAP, and who understand and respect the right of Muslims to be governed by syariah.

Does MCA even understand the meaning of the word ‘secular’, Ali wants to know. In a secular country, the state does not have a religion.

Articles 11(4), 12, 37, 76A, 121(1A) and others enshrined in the federal constitution contradict the supposed idea that Malaysia is secular.

Ali points out that DAP (‘Democratic’ Action Party in name) is mocking the process of democracy by trying to prevent the private member’s bill from being tabled in parliament.

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Does MCA reject Malaysia as ‘an Islamic nation’?

Islam as Article 3 forms a basic structure of the constitution; it is third in order of precedence of the constitutional articles.

Ali believes the supreme law of the land must be subjected to Islam as “the religion of the Federation”. His view is aligned to that articulated by former chief justice Tun Ahmad Fairuz Abdul Halim recently at a special talk held in KL.

Ali also agrees with the argument advanced by Institute Kajian Strategik Islam Malaysia (Iksim) that Malaysia is “an Islamic nation” due to the above Article 3(1).

Furthermore, there are other strong arguments that favour notion of our country as an Islamic nation, says Ali highlighting Articles 89, 152, 153 and 14.

“All the articles in the federal constitution must be read together and people cannot just cherrypick what they like and interpret the articles [e.g. Article 8] according to their fancy to serve their agendas,” he explains.

Ali belongs to the school of thought that does not agree with the blanket statement proclaiming other religions can be practised ‘freely’ in Malaysia without any barriers or parameters.

Although conceding that Article 11(1) allows for the proviso that “Every person has the right to profess and practice his religion and […] to propagate it”, Ali points out that this right is nevertheless subject to Clause (4).

Clause (4) reads:

“State law and in respect of the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur and Labuan, federal law may control or restrict the propagation of any religious doctrine or belief among persons professing the religion of Islam.”

There is a large swathe of the Malay-Muslim population tending towards the conservative side in matters of faith.

Ali is convinced that Malays who support RUU355 will not be voting for Umno or the BN should Umno fail to support Hadi Awang’s proposed amendments.

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