MCA’s guerrilla war against Umno


It is high time to bid scissors-in-the-fold frenemy MCA a firm ‘adios’

By Faidhur Rahman Abdul Hadi

MCA should be afraid. Very afraid.

The party should in fact fear for its very survival. Not only is it disdained by the Chinese community but now by Malays as well.

One Malay-Muslim NGO has already stated that it will mark the names of MPs representing Malay-majority areas who vote against the Syariah (Courts) Criminal Jurisdiction 1965 amendments. The secretariat of Ummat Menyokong Memperkasakan Akta 355 plan to go to the ground to campaign against the targeted MPs in the next general election.

Perkasa has similarly announced that it will be fielding its Malay candidates against MCA president Liow Tiong Lai and Gerakan president Mah Siew Keong in GE14.

What’s the point of treating MCA with kid gloves when it is blatantly rude and insensitive to the right of Muslims to practice our own religion.

Perhaps the MCA should indeed do as Raja Petra Kamarudin has suggested and actually leave the BN. For good, and good riddance. Its continued presence does nothing for anyone.

Since RPK has already told MCA to “berambus”, I shall merely add  “adios” — a flippant salutation popularized by DAP Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi in relation to Tuan Guru Harun Din’s demise.

What goes around comes around.

Jeff Ooi tweeted ‘adios’ when Harun Din passed away

It’s all Umno’s fault, says MCA

Elected representatives of the evangelical party such as YB Ooi are just plain rude and insensitive. Their followers are even ruder and more insensitive.

And MCA is equally rude and insensitive. So what appreciable difference is there between MCA and DAP? Aren’t Chinese opposition voters also obviously MCA members too?

MCA has thrown down the gauntlet in deciding to challenge RUU355 when the motion comes up for debate in the next Parliament sitting.

Liow has apparently directed his MCA reps in parliament – a pitiful seven in all – to vote against the RUU355 amendments.

The party’s action flies in the face of the BN consensus-based politics practised all this while since Independence.

MCA says they are prepared to proceed even if it tears apart the ruling coalition.

The excuse provided by MCA is that the private member’s bill by Abdul Hadi Awang is “unconstitutional “.

“Whoever implements and agrees to this unconstitutional bill will be the culprit that divides the BN. It is not MCA that will destroy the BN spirit, but Umno,” said Liow to Sin Chew Daily.

(Refer news report in English by Free Malaysia Today.)

Look how MCA is finger-pointing and blaming Umno solely.

Why did not MCA squeak louder when the evangelicals in DAP were propagandizing PAS for all, hudud for all during their Pakatan Rakyat honeymoon period?

Instead the MCA-owned media, The Star, was (and still is) promoting the DAP Christian leadership to its readers.

Recalcitrant MCA flogging dead horse

This has been said by many, and many times but it bears repeating all the same — RUU355 is not unconstitutional.

It was not unconstitutional in its earlier form when it was first presented by the PAS president cum Marang MP. Nor will it be unconstitutional when retabled in revised form by an Umno minister.

MCA’s flimsy reason as to why the bill is supposedly unconstitutional indicates how it is not really interested in facts of law.

If the party were to hold up facts as a source of legal authority, it would have already accepted the numerous refutations made by the experts.

Read the arguments by learned member of the Bar Danial Ariff Shaari on the constitutionality of the Hadi bill

If MCA were truly concerned about strict adherence to the federal constitution, it would acknowledge that vernacular schools are not guaranteed by the FedCon.

A separate Chinese education system is not supported by any Malaysian law but most importantly, their schools are DIVISIVE.

Furthermore, contrary to MCA’s assertion that enhancing syariah through RUU355 is detrimental to national unity, the truth is that it’s the Chinese schools which are impeding the process of nation-building.

In a previous article, I had discussed why the existence of schools teaching in a language other than our bahasa kebangsaan is an anomaly.

Other than segregating children between races, the SJK(C)s are responsible for the singular phenomenon whereby a number of Chinese youngsters lack competency in speaking our national language.

MCA President Liow Tiong Lai, who vowed to oppose RUU355 come what may

DAP is riding MCA for sure

Most recently, Raja Petra Kamarudin wondered aloud whether MCA is the DAP’s Trojan horse.

I believe RPK is right on the money.

How better to explain MCA’s decision to disregard the long held principle of consensus in BN when it comes to Islamic matters such as the passage of RUU355?

And as scholar Dr Kamarul Zaman Yusoff has noted in Tanjak, why oppose the amendment only now when the same law was previously amended in 1984 without demur, not even from DAP?

It’s clear to us that MCA is unable to respect the status of Islam to as “the religion of the Federation”.

Neither is MCA able to respect the spirit of BN give-and-take in view of its utter disregard for Umno (majority) support for the Hadi bill.

That MCA is so very adamant to oposse RUU355 can be taken as a declaration of war against the establishment.

Since MCA has decided to gang up with the anti-Islam DAP, I say let BN finally bid MCA adios and all will be well again within the ruling coalition.

Faidhur Rahman Abdul Hadi is a lawyer and activist

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