Sickening how DAP plays politics with rabies deaths



Dr Sim Kui Hian today urged opposition leaders to refrain from playing politics over rabies in Sarawak.

The cardiologist said these Yang Berhormats needed to be more responsible and at the same time, he urged the public to beware the spread of alarmist “fake news”.

Dr Sim, who is Sarawak Minister of Local Government and Housing, said this when publicizing the large scale vaccination for domestic pets to be held in state capital Kuching tomorrow.

He further urged irresponsible fear mongers to let the experts – public health specialists and vets – do their job.

Dr Subra: DAP using this as “opportunistic politic”

Health Minister Dr S. Subramaniam earlier chided DAP parliamentarians for their “political opportunism” over the Sarawak rabies cases.

Dr Subra told off the DAP Yang Berhormats, “You don’t use a disease outbreak [for getting] political mileage”.

He also said DAP’s elected reps were trying to “create issues” through twisting facts (“cuba memesong dan mengelirukan”).

Sit, Julian, sit

DAP Sarawak has been grandstanding in Dewan Rakyat by continually alleging that although the federal government gave its assurance the rabies situation is “under control”, the opposite was true − “it is out of control”.

DAP’s Stampin MP Julian Tan raised a ruckus during parliamentary sitting a few days ago regarding what he called “a crisis in my kawasan”, adding that “people have died”.

The Christian YB Tan repeatedly insisted, “I am raising a crisis!” prompting House Deputy Speaker Ronald Kiandee to command him, “duduk, duduk”.

Finally an exasperated Kiandee ordered Julian, “Sit down please!”

Nonetheless after the DAP rep persisted in harassing the Health Minister who was delivering the government’s response, Kiandee had Julian ejected from the legislative assembly for abusing Standing Order 36(12).

DAP’s Bandar Kuching MP Chong Chieng Jen was also reminded by the Deputy Speaker to maintain order, “This is not JKK meeting, this is Parliament. Peraturan.”

Penang − the country’s most brutal state

Contrary to DAP’s contention that there is a shortage of the rabies vaccine, Dr Subra said Serian hospital and Sarawak general hospital have a stockpile of vaccine and immunoglobulin.

The minister explained that a health alert has been issued to medical officers, and moreover the relevant authorities, departments and agencies are all coordinating to monitor the situation.

He clarified however that until the recent case in reported in Serian on July 1, Malaysia had been thus far been free of rabies among humans. The last previous case of rabies reported among humans in the country was back in 1998.

Two years ago, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng had directed strays to be culled, causing more than 1,700 street dogs to be killed on the unproven accusation that they could have been rabies infected.

Penang is once again at the forefront of fomenting hysteria against dogs and setting up preventive roadblocks to screen any dogs entering the state.

Meanwhile, The Star reported that Bandar Kuching’s YB Chong wanted to table an emergency motion in Parliament about the matter.

DAP leaders are attention hounds preoccupied with painting negative perception rather than supporting public health authorities to contain the disease.

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