Beware DAP evangelicals behind the blue eye camouflage


We all know who the “forked tongue” individual is, most certainly. However more dangerous than the old Kerala snake itself is the nest of vipers he is incubating.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed is nominally leading the opposition pact. Nestled underneath him are the DAP evangelicals that will emerge as the other consequential player in “the two-party system” after our May 9 election.

These young DAP evangelicals are even more venomous than the well-salted 93 year old.

After GE14 is done and dusted, the inevitable outcome is that PKR, PPBM and PAN will be rendered impotent. It is the DAP – quite definitively – poised at the apex of the political pyramid.

And fencesitters would do well to reflect on this indisputable fact: For how many years can Tun be expected to hold off the stealthy snakelets he is now sheltering?

As the subtefuge unravels as it must eventually, it will be evident how Tun is only a pawn to make the DAP ever more powerful.

⇓  Tun Mahathir flanked by DAP Yang Berhormats Yeo Bee Yin, Hannah Yeoh and Lee Kee Hiong

DAP strategy to fool the Muslims

“Pakatan’s use of PKR’s logo as its common logo is their strategy to fool the Malays into believing that this now makes Pakatan more Malay,” cautioned Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak a few days ago.

Salleh had warned about Harapan trying to pull wool over the eyes of voters in the heartland as to the real nature of the ‘hope’ party, at the same time also dismissing the possibility of any Malay tsunami occurring.

⇓  PKR boss Anwar Ibrahim will remain irrelevant even after he gets out of jail

Indeed the DAP’s bid for the blue eye logo is merely to hijack the PKR branding as a camouflage. Its own famous red rocket logo is much tainted with a perception of the party’s prevalent Chinese chauvinism.

What is more insidious though is the attempt to camouflage – not only the DAP’s predominantly Chinese membership but – its predominantly Christian leadership.

Nonetheless DAP’s use of the PKR logo will still not succeed in making the party seem more Malay; any more than it can help make the DAP leadership appear less Christian.

When the list of DAP election candidates is released on the 28th of this month, the full extent of evangelical dominance of the party can be clearly seen.

⇓  Hannah Yeoh preaching in a ‘Whispering Hope’ church

Preachers whispering, always whispering in the ear

“Is the Malaysian public ready to accept an evangelist as the Dewan Rakyat Speaker?” asked political analyst Dr Kamarul Zaman Yusoff yesterday when dissecting Hannah Yeoh’s messianic ambitions.

Hannah, Bee Yin and their missionary ilk spilling all over in the DAP are purposed to reshape Malaysia in an exalted image of their Kingdom of God.

Dr Kamarul had correctly and rightly observed that DAP appointed at least seven (or possibly eight) Christians to the party exco filling the 10 available slots.

The most prominent nominee Hannah Yeoh withdrew from the co-opted exco after Dr Kamarul’s expose successfully shone the spotlight on how far the Christian influence has a chokehold.

Among the DAP’s 20 elected excos are more Christians as well.

That’s really a lot of Christians counted among DAP leaders considering that the Christian minority supposedly total only nine percent of the Malaysian population, and includes a great number of Sabah and Sarawak natives.

Yet notably, the evangelicals occupying DAP’s top hierarchy are not the Sabah and Sarawak pribumi Christians.

The old DAP represented by the rocket has been spiritually killed off. This new ‘blue eyed’ DAP is now a different creature – one that is full of self-righteous religious fervour.

It has become an evangelical and apocalyptic party like PAS. The DAP’s chief political rival is Umno but its nemesis is the Islamist party. This is why we see the DAP hating so much on PAS.


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