Hannah Yeoh displays her low IQ


What a dumb woman. To see stupidity in action, view the video below:

  Hannah Yeoh said, “When Anwar Ibrahim was sacked from Umno, when he left Barisan Nasional, what did they turn around [sic]? What type of script they use against Anwar? They came up with a lot of horrible scripts against Anwar and, you know, they demonized Anwar in the eyes of Malaysians.”

A more intelligent individual would reflect on WHO were actually the “they” Hannah is now fingering that had demonized Anwar during the Reformasi era. She blamed Umno.

But wasn’t the chief demoniser of Anwar the very man whom the opposition pact is today nominating as their PM-in-waiting – Tun Mahathir?

  Hannah Yeoh said, “Anyone who leaves Umno and who doesn’t agree with Umno will be demonized …’

A more intelligent individual would realise that her charge is really far more pertinent when applied to Hannah’s own party:

“Anyone who leaves DAP and who doesn’t agree with DAP will be demonized” …

… think Lee Lam Thye, Dr Kua Kia Soong, Wee Choo Keong, Tunku Aziz Ibrahim, Zulkifli Mohd Nor, Shamsher Singh Thind, Norman Fernandez, Teh Yee Cheu, Dr Tan Seng Giaw, Dr Boo Cheng Hau, Goh Leong San, Sim Tong Him and his Malacca compatriots, and the list goes on and on.

 Hannah Yeoh said, “We need to make sure that our national parliament is no longer a mockery of the system, no longer a laughing stock”.

A more intelligent individual would recall that it is the DAP Yang Berhormats who often behave like zoo monkeys in our august house.

  Hannah Yeoh said, “… selling all this kind of contracts and bringing big foreign investors in, okay, we need to start looking at terms of these contracts, what other things are being sold at the price, for the next generation of Malaysians to pay the price?”

A more intelligent individual would remember the big contracts dished out to cronies when the current chief of Pakatan Harapan was himself at the pinnacle of power from 1981 to 2003, okay, and start looking at terms of those lopsided highway toll concessions, IPPs, telecommunications, etc.

Hannah Yeoh said, “That’s our biggest problem in Malaysia today – corruption. Corruption will cost, okay, thieves to be glorified …”

A more intelligent individual would not have forgotten that for years DAP had insisted that Tun Mahathir – its current coalition boss – was the father of corruption.

⇓  And not to mention my bungalow has bad ‘feng shui’ too, huhuhu

“Biggest of them all”

Hannah Yeoh in conclusion told her ceramah audience, “I know as a matter of fact that we have not disappointed you because of all these reforms we have put in place”.

Er, “all these reforms”? She means all this recycling, right?

The old wine in new bottles that DAP is selling to its zombies like ex-Umno and present PKR ketum Anwar Ibrahim, ex-Umno and PBBM president Muhyiddin Yassin, ex-Umno and PKR deputy president Azmin Ali and the Mother of All Recycles, ex ex ex-Umno and current Harapan PM designate Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

As a matter of fact, what is ‘disappointing’ (or mebbe not) is Hannah Yeoh’s intelligence quotient. Hu hu hu

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Why PAS better equipped than Umno to fight DAP crusaders


There will be no Malay tsunami. PPBM and PAN have signally failed to create the requisite grassroots groundswell. You don’t see them mustering the kind of mammoth Malay crowds that only PAS is able to summon.

And there is no Second Coming of Tun Mahathir Mohamad as the political messiah either.

There is, however, going to be a backwash from the previous 2013 Chinese wave – that evangelical energy all het up and with nowhere to go but finish sweeping away the last remnants of BN Chinese elected reps.

⇓  “Can DAP tell the people their reasons for wanting to eliminate MCA or Gerakan from Malaysian politics?’

A question wailed most plaintively by the MCA. Simple answer: Because they can.

DAP can because it has the Chinese electorate eating out of its hand. Dapsters are ready to swear that white is black, if that is what their evangelical masters tell them.

DAP has wholly captured the Chinese polity; its utter confidence is demonstrated when RBA arrogantly keep challenging Eric See-To, the BN deputy strategic communications director, to contest a parliament seat.

Its cybertroopers insist that See-To is “a nobody” unless he can claim the street cred of being a Yang Berhormat. They are convinced that no one can make inroads into the areas which are DAP strongholds.

⇓  “Fanatik Cina Kristian DAP” juga menghina agama bangsa sendiri

Fanatik Cina Kristian DAP bukan sahaja menghina Islam, agama dan budaya orang lain tapi mereka juga sanggup menghina…

Posted by ANTI Semua Salah UMNO – ASSU on 26hb Mei 2017

For the record, DAP won all of the country’s Chinese-majority parliament seats with the sole exception of Miri in Sarawak, held by PKR incumbent Michael Teo.

MCA still has a handful of Chinese ‘plurality’ (i.e. still short of absolute majority) seats.

The MCA’s dwindling demography of non-Chistians – the blank Buddhists, catatonic Confucianists and transfixed Taoists (much like deer caught in headlights) – have long ago rolled over and played dead before the DAP’s ferocious evangelical onslaught.

Transfixed Taoists … Unlike the powerful evangelicals, these non-Christian Chinese have little political clout

DAP deerhunters going for the kill

The DAP is intent on obliterating MCA and Gerakan, and it will succeed spectacularly.

After all, “DAP’s sole interest is to take ownership of Chinese political representation,” pronounced MCA spokesman Ti Lian Ker a few days ago. Even the MCA’s own media The Star – an organization full of Christians – shows scant interest in preventing DAP from attaining the stated goal.

“In the past when they were weaker, they pleaded for a two-party system, check and balance, etc,” whinged MCA’s Ti.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. MCA leaders should realise by now that DAP applies one standard to its opponents and a different one for itself. Prior to 2008, DAP had pleaded for sympathy votes so that the party could provide a check and balance in parliament.

In DAP’s present position of strength, it allows no room for MCA and Gerakan to play any kind of check-and-balance role within the Chinese community.

Similarly showing his dual standards, DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang had declared that Najib Razak’s “deplorable” outburst about the Chinese tsunami in the 2013 election “was downright racist”.

So, for Najib to splutter “tsunami” with regard to the Chinese vote avalanche in GE13 was racist. In contrast, for DAP now to be agitating a GE14 Malay tsunami is no longer something racist.

⇓  ‘DAP dikuasai pemimpin berbahaya Kristian?’ PAS’s strategic research bureau explores the question

DAP evangelists cause of inter-communal tensions – Datuk Huan

PAS has been seriously mulling whether DAP is controlled by Christian evangelicals. After deep reflection, PAS has concluded that the answer is ‘yes’.

PAS is on the same page as Umno in their view that DAP is dominated by the evangelicals.

The Malay race-based Umno sees DAP as a Chinese party led by “new Christians”, The Islamist religion-based PAS looks at DAP as a Christian party led by Chinese evangelists.

In this, PAS is a shade closer to the truth. Converts like the born again Hannah Yeoh and Yeo Bee Yin are more Christian than Chinese.

Many of the DAP Aduns and MPs are “fanatical Christians”, revealed Huan Cheng Guan, the Parti Cinta Malaysia deputy president, to online news site Menara last year.

“Kalaulah semua orang Cina sudah tahu yang mereka ini kebanyakkannya orang Kristian, saya pasti undi pasti akan kurang terhadap DAP yang dianggap parti orang Cina walhal ia merupakan sebuah parti dikuasai Kristian,” Huan told Menara.

“Jelaslah masalah yang berlaku sekarang ini bukan antara Cina dengan Melayu; masalah yang dibangkitkan kebanyakannya adalah berpunca daripada mereka yang beragama Kristian di dalam DAP,” he said.

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If this is how DAP treats Dr Tan Seng Giaw, imagine what they can do to you


DAP treats its own people like marked men targeted for political assassination the minute anyone – in this case a Yang Berhormat – deviates too far from the party line.

The party devoid of permanent principles is now at odds with its own national vice chairman Dr Tan Seng Giaw over the 1MDB issue.

As a member of the bipartisan Public Accounts Committee, Dr Tan holds that the PAC report fails to implicate PM cum Finance Minister Najib Razak in certain questionable 1Malaysia Development Berhad transactions.

Dr Tan’s view above is contrary to DAP’s vehement ‘regime change’ propaganda.

It is a known fact that the biaDAP behaviour of cybertroopers and opposition supporters are way beyond the pale. It’s hardly surprising then that Dapsters continually spit venom at Umno leaders telling, for example, the Umno president to rot in hell, and spewing other vitriol not fit to print.

Nonetheless, it still comes as no great surprise either when these self same rabid Dapsters turn on one of their own. Just look at the current smear campaign against Dr Tan Seng Giaw to see the thuggish Dapster mob in action.

⇓  How dare Dr Tan say that DAP has jettisoned its rocket logo without blinking an eye

Hate-filled Dapsters more corrosive than acid

Dr Tan Seng Giaw had been a long-serving MP DAP member of parliament, representing the Kepong constituency. But his sacrifices and selfless service to the party cuts no ice with cybertroopers presently going all out to destroy the good doctor’s reputation.

Dr Tan is the victim of malicious RBA ad hominem alleging he is “crooked” or to repeat the phrase popularized by Tun Mahahtir Mohamad and constantly chanted by Protuns and Dapsters – “makan dedak”.

Some taunters have also begun calling Dr Tan Najib’s new BFF and predicting that he will soon be awarded a “Tan Silly” title.

They’ve labelled Dr Tan an “ingrate” (to the DAP). They curse and swear prodigiously, mock and vilify endlessly, and even rudely ask him to “podah!”

So very typical, and reflective of the nature of the DAP – a party which (as BN sec-gen Tengku Adnan Mansor informs us) has a leadership comprising mostly of evangelists.

Deviate from DAP group think, and you die!

In the eyes of these demented Dapsters, any upstart who has had the misfortune of stepping on the Lims’ toes is automatically a “running dog” grovelling for its Umno master’s bone.

The turbo-charged troopers keep throwing mud at Dr Tan in the hope that some of it will stick. In reality, it is the DAP that has changed (the party is in cahoots with the once detested Tun Mahathir) but inversely, it is Dr Tan whom they accuse of being a “turncoat” and “race traitor”.

What the mob attack on Dr Tan shows is that one is never allowed the luxury of disagreeing with the DAP. If you’re not on the same page as they are, then you’re fair game for the kill.

Just like other outspoken individuals who dared to cross DAP’s demigods before this, the brave Dr Tan has recently become a victim of the Department of Dirty Tricks. Refer his complaint below.

What happens when you fall out of favour

“Why would I send out a message like that? I think this is fake news created by criminals and eventually the culprits will be arrested by the authorities,” Dr Tan told The Star last week about the merciless ‘harassment’ he has been subjected to.

“This message [falsely attributed to Dr Tan] is completely unnecessary and I have never done such a thing in my entire life,” the doctor explained.

“The message, which went viral, had urged the Malaysian Chinese community not to post any “anti-government dirty remarks” on social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp and WeChat,” according to The Star article.

It’s clear that the false flag was deliberately created to incite hatred against Dr Tan. The dirty tricksters intended Dr Tan to appear as if he had crossed over to the dark side (i.e. to the pro-government camp) so that Dr Tan will be further attacked by brainwashed members of the DAP-supporting public.

Again, it is absolutely no surprise that devious Dapsters are capable of crafting this kind of dirty frame-up.

Dapsters are doing a damn good job of convincing pro-BN Malaysians that it is now impossible to share sane living space with such unhinged zombies.

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Beware DAP evangelicals behind the blue eye camouflage


We all know who the “forked tongue” individual is, most certainly. However more dangerous than the old Kerala snake itself is the nest of vipers he is incubating.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed is nominally leading the opposition pact. Nestled underneath him are the DAP evangelicals that will emerge as the other consequential player in “the two-party system” after our May 9 election.

These young DAP evangelicals are even more venomous than the well-salted 93 year old.

After GE14 is done and dusted, the inevitable outcome is that PKR, PPBM and PAN will be rendered impotent. It is the DAP – quite definitively – poised at the apex of the political pyramid.

And fencesitters would do well to reflect on this indisputable fact: For how many years can Tun be expected to hold off the stealthy snakelets he is now sheltering?

As the subtefuge unravels as it must eventually, it will be evident how Tun is only a pawn to make the DAP ever more powerful.

⇓  Tun Mahathir flanked by DAP Yang Berhormats Yeo Bee Yin, Hannah Yeoh and Lee Kee Hiong

DAP strategy to fool the Muslims

“Pakatan’s use of PKR’s logo as its common logo is their strategy to fool the Malays into believing that this now makes Pakatan more Malay,” cautioned Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak a few days ago.

Salleh had warned about Harapan trying to pull wool over the eyes of voters in the heartland as to the real nature of the ‘hope’ party, at the same time also dismissing the possibility of any Malay tsunami occurring.

⇓  PKR boss Anwar Ibrahim will remain irrelevant even after he gets out of jail

Indeed the DAP’s bid for the blue eye logo is merely to hijack the PKR branding as a camouflage. Its own famous red rocket logo is much tainted with a perception of the party’s prevalent Chinese chauvinism.

What is more insidious though is the attempt to camouflage – not only the DAP’s predominantly Chinese membership but – its predominantly Christian leadership.

Nonetheless DAP’s use of the PKR logo will still not succeed in making the party seem more Malay; any more than it can help make the DAP leadership appear less Christian.

When the list of DAP election candidates is released on the 28th of this month, the full extent of evangelical dominance of the party can be clearly seen.

⇓  Hannah Yeoh preaching in a ‘Whispering Hope’ church

Preachers whispering, always whispering in the ear

“Is the Malaysian public ready to accept an evangelist as the Dewan Rakyat Speaker?” asked political analyst Dr Kamarul Zaman Yusoff yesterday when dissecting Hannah Yeoh’s messianic ambitions.

Hannah, Bee Yin and their missionary ilk spilling all over in the DAP are purposed to reshape Malaysia in an exalted image of their Kingdom of God.

Dr Kamarul had correctly and rightly observed that DAP appointed at least seven (or possibly eight) Christians to the party exco filling the 10 available slots.

The most prominent nominee Hannah Yeoh withdrew from the co-opted exco after Dr Kamarul’s expose successfully shone the spotlight on how far the Christian influence has a chokehold.

Among the DAP’s 20 elected excos are more Christians as well.

That’s really a lot of Christians counted among DAP leaders considering that the Christian minority supposedly total only nine percent of the Malaysian population, and includes a great number of Sabah and Sarawak natives.

Yet notably, the evangelicals occupying DAP’s top hierarchy are not the Sabah and Sarawak pribumi Christians.

The old DAP represented by the rocket has been spiritually killed off. This new ‘blue eyed’ DAP is now a different creature – one that is full of self-righteous religious fervour.

It has become an evangelical and apocalyptic party like PAS. The DAP’s chief political rival is Umno but its nemesis is the Islamist party. This is why we see the DAP hating so much on PAS.


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The Mahathir brand of hate politics


The hate that some self-righteous media harbour for politicians they dislike knows no bounds. This fact is again demonstrated by a magazine cover datelined yesterday that was controversially photoshopped to show President Donald Trump as a pig.

Can you imagine the ‘all hell breaks loose’ scenario had a conservative magazine ever once depicted former President Obama as, say, a chimpanzee on its cover? The double standard is nauseating.

New York magazine’s insulting April 2 cover story (below) is titled “Corruption, not Russia, is Trump’s greatest political liability’ and written by so-called journalist Jonathan Chait.

Throwing everything and the kitchen sink

Why did New York magazine produce this ‘biadap’ imagery of Trump pig face?

It could be recalling the popular phrase signifying that a person, usually a politician/public official, has got his “snout in the trough”.

According to the Oxford online dictionary, the saying that one is sticking a snout in the trough means to “make ample use of opportunities afforded by one’s position in order to benefit oneself, especially financially”.

As if President Obama did not. But then again, the teflon-coated Barack Hussein was always given a free pass by fawning reporters when he was in office.

Or the kurang ajar pig illustration of Trump might have been an allusion to the following comment made by Chait in his article, “Far from putting his wealth in a blind trust, Trump asked the public for its blind trust, effectively sticking his money in a piggy bank in Don Jr.’s room that he is free to raid at any hour of the day or night”.

When Trump became president, he had to create a trust to hold his business assets, and he made his sons its trustees. The mandatory measure is to avoid conflicts of interests upon assuming the role of USA chief executive.

His detractors however had wanted the Trump assets instead to be held in a “blind trust”, i.e. managed by an independent corporate trustee.

Nonetheless, the charge that just because Trump’s sons are now keeping the family wealth in their “piggy bank”, that this is tantamount to “corruption” (as alleged or implied by the magazine’s banner headline) simply falls short.

Put this disgusting liberal rag out of business

The New York magazine article, and more so its rude cover, are “a new low” even for the ordinarily Trump-hating mainstream press.

Breitbart, one of the rare media outlets that’s pro Trump, chided that the New York article obviously lacked anything close to a smoking gun to back the magazine’s ‘corruption’ headline.

Jonathan Chait’s magazine cover story “sounds more like yet another overheated, sky-is-falling nothingburger served up” by the media’s hate machine, said Breitbart in its reaction to the left’s hit job on Trump.

No wonder then that the president and his men should be concerned about “fake news” being churned out daily by the Trump-hating media, including leftist ones like the BBC and The Guardian in the UK.

But how very hypocritical of the moralizing media to be branding the right wing as being guilty of hate speech given their own liberally venomous behaviour.

⇓  Perkasa Youth superimposed a pig snout on Namewee and proceeded to burn the poster in their September 2010 provocation

In our country, such a level of moral hypocrisy is matched only by Tun Mahathir Mohamad who had provided his political patronage to the group of agitators calling themselves Perkasa.

Perkasa members are the only Malaysians known to have publicly pulled a stunt similar to that perpetrated by the New York magazine on Trump.

Perkasa Youth too had once doctored entertainer Namewee’s face to resemble a pig. It was a hateful thing to do. Tun Mahathir (and DAP) are without doubt the fount of the country’s hate politics.

Separately, they were hateful enough. Teamed together, we can see what Protuns and Dapsters are quite capable of in their mob attack on critical academics like Dr Kamarul Zaman Yusoff.

The thing about mobs is that they will eventually turn on each other. And these Protuns and Dapsters truly deserve one another.

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Two-party system: Muslim vs Christian


The new electoral map segregating our population along ethnic lines will result in a more pronounced racial and religious divide among Malaysians, said Pusat Komas in a press statement yesterday.

Pusat Komas, a social justice NGO, is correct to be concerned that the coming election “now seems to be a tragedy waiting to happen where Malaysians are made to go against each other”.

The redrawn electoral boundaries for parliament and state seats were passed by Dewan Rakyat and became law yesterday. And just in time for GE14 too.

Among the most vociferous voices raised against the Election Commission’s report is Ong Kian Ming who is the DAP Serdang member of parliament.

His party and their allies in the opposition – 80 MPs in all – protested (below) the result of the parliamentary vote where 129 pro-establishment MPs had endorsed the re-delineation exercise.

Keputusan belah bahagi usul persempadanan semula hari ini:Setuju: 129 Tidak setuju: 80Bersedialah kita semua untuk #Pilihanraya #PRU14 yang JANJI PALING KOTOR DALAM SEJARAH MALAYSIA! #KalahkanPenipuan

Posted by Dr. Ong Kian Ming – 王建民 on 28hb Mac 2018

In his Dewan Rakyat speech on Wednesay (March 28), Ong said the latest delimitation or redrawing boundaries “segregates the races further and has reduced the number of heterogenous constituencies”.

Ong is DAP’s election strategist.

He highlighted the further racial polarization in parliament seats along the west coast where Pakatan Harapan MPs are the incumbents.

⇓  Penang Institute’s Wong Chin Huat says the EC is providing BN an advantage

Shifting Malay voters in, Chinese voters out

According to YB Ong Kian Ming, the redrawn Lumut constituency in Perak, as one example, will have 71 percent Malay voters when it used to have only 51 percent. Lumut’s Chinese electorate, on the other hand, now shrinks to 16 percent from 35 percent previously.

An explosion of 20 percent Malay voters is huge and will surely impact on the election outcome in Lumut.

“The delimitation exercise has made P74 Lumut into a significantly Malay majority parliament seat. It was contested by MCA in GE13. It is likely to be contested by Umno in GE14”, Ong suggested.

One of the electoral changes is the renaming of Selangor’s P107 seat which used to be called Subang. Now called Sungai Buloh, it will have 64 percent Malay and 23 percent Chinese voters. In the last election, P107 (known then as Subang) had 47 percent Malay and 38 percent Chinese voters.

Interestingly, all the Selangor constituencies that have been given new names in the latest delimitation exercise are the ones which went the opposition’s way in GE13. Of the 18 Selangor parliament seats affected by boundary changes, only two are BN’s.

Ong’s own constituency of Serdang, for instance, is being renamed Bangi. Kelana Jaya is renamed Subang and simultaneously Subang itself is renamed Sungai Buloh as already mentioned above.

Petaling Jaya Selatan takes the name Petaling Jaya and simultaneously Petaling Jaya Utara (Tony Pua’s seat) becomes Damansara – now the biggest seat in the country with an unbelievable 150,439 voters!

In contrast, Selangor’s rural Sabak Bernam seat held by Umno has a mere 37,126 voters.

With the new delimitation, Sungai Buloh’s Chinese segment of the electorate is reduced by 15 percent whereas the Malay segment has increased by 17 percent. Overall, the newly Malay-majority Sungai Buloh is however smaller (73,448 voters) than when this voting area used to be more multiracial and called Subang (129,846 voters).

“The delimitation exercise has made P107 Sungai Buloh into a Malay majority parliament seat. It was contested by MIC in GE13. It will likely be contested by Umno in GE14,” Ong posited.

In tandem, it has made the new Subang (formerly Kelana Jaya) a non Muslim and most concentrated Christian constituency. Subang Jaya has the most churches per capita in Malaysia, a scholar once quipped.

Another example cited by Ong to illustrate the change-in-ratio pattern, i.e. increasing the proportion of Malays, reducing the proportion of Chinese voters, is P124 in Kuala Lumpur.

P124 Bandar Tun Razak will now have 58 percent Malay (plus 6%) and 31 percent Chinese (minus 6%) compared to its racial balance back in GE13.

Ong predicts that Umno will take over this seat which was contested and lost by MCA the last few times around. A similar Malay expansion-Chinese contraction trend is seen in Kapar, a Selangor seat lost by MIC.

What Ong has described above are changes that will benefit the BN strategy of relieving Umno’s non-Malay allies of seats which are unwinnable by MCA and MIC but where the Malay party stands a fighting chance.

Racial segregation, religious concentration

An obverse to the pattern demonstrated by Ong is the EC’s manoeuvre to increase the proportion of Chinese voters in the staunchly pro-DAP constituencies while at the same time the proportion of Malay voters there is reduced.

This move dilutes the value of the Chinese vote. Consequently the already large Chinese-majority constituencies are now stretched super huge and jam packed like sardines on steroids.

Selangor is the state with the biggest electorate of 2.1 million voters.

The affected Selangor constituencies that have also been subjected to gerrymandering display a similar racial relocation. Ooi Kok Hin of Penang Institute shares his analysis of this technique:

“The townships (see map above) of Banting and Jenjarom are arbitrarily partitioned in zig-zag style between N51 Sijangkang, N52 Banting (now renamed Teluk Datuk) and N53 Morib. The arbitrary zig-zags appear to be motivated by gerrymandering,” said Ooi.

“The deliberate movement of voters saw N52 Banting receiving 5,760 electors from N53 Morib and 4,804 electors from N51 Sijangkang, who are mostly Chinese and expected to be pro-opposition while 7,365 electors – mostly Malays and expected to be supportive of the ruling regime – are transferred from N52 Banting to N51 Sijangkang.

“While three constituencies were previously won by the opposition, these changes result in the packing of N52 Banting into a super-stronghold for the opposition party DAP and cracking of N51 Sijangkang and N53 Morib to make them more winnable for the United Malays National Organisation (Umno).”

Bird’s eye view of the racial engineering

Tindak Malaysia, a group that has been monitoring recent elections, sums up our current situation saying the EC’s re-delineation report “will result in increased ethnic segregation as it packs different races into different constituencies”.

In other words, seats in the peninsula that were mixed or multiracial in the past are being made more mono ethnic – either strongly Malay majority or strongly Chinese majority, the latter particularly in highly urbanized areas.

The racial segregation is clear to see. What’s not apparent at first glance though is the corresponding religious segregation.

Seats won by Umno or PAS are Malay dominant, quite evidently. They are also Muslim. Equally evident, the DAP seats are dominated by non Malays. These voters are also non Muslim.

So what happens now?

DAP has made no bones about its ambition to wipe out the non-Malay components of BN, i.e. MCA, Gerakan and MIC. In fact, DAP is strategically placing its star powered challengers to wrest the few remaining seats still held by the MCA, Gerakan and MIC bigwigs that were won by BN with weak majorities five years ago.

Umno meanwhile is bidding to take (‘back’) Malay-majority seats that were traditionally conceded to MCA, Gerakan and MIC to contest.

The biggest GE14 losers will be MCA, Gerakan, MIC and PKR. The biggest winners will be (1) DAP capturing seats from the Chinese/Indian and multiracial parties as well as (2) Umno taking over Malay majority seats ‘loaned’ to its BN partners.

Social progressives will get what they’ve long been wishing for – the two-party system … Umno vs DAP. In real terms, this translates into Malay vs non Malay but remember that religion is a corollary to race.

Umno vs DAP also means Muslim vs Christian.


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Mob rule: Tun M brings out the monster in Dapsters


It’s fair and reasonable to ask whether the 93-year-old Tun Mahathir Mohamad is fit enough to be prime minister again. Remember, the ex-premier has already undergone two heart bypass surgeries.

Apart from the two major operations mentioned, he had also been warded only last month at the National Heart Institute (IJN) for a chest infection.

⇓  Lim Guan Eng steadies Tun M as they negotiate some steps

The life expectancy of a bumiputera male is 71.4 years. Tun Mahathir’s has already surpassed that high watermark by more than two decades. Malaysia, on the other hand, is a youthful country.

Roughly a quarter of the country’s population is below 14 years of age while the median age for a Malaysian is 28.3 years. Voters around the globe are electing young leaders.

The chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz is 31 years old, the prime minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern is 37 and the  president of France Emmanuel Macron, 40. All assumed office within the last year.

At his age, Tun Mahathir has instead let caution go to the wind and disregards any further restraint in public behaviour.

Tun’s sense of immunity due to his age makes him feel impervious to the law (e.g. Sedition Act) and results in an irresponsible and reckless taunting of the establishment. You can now call him Kepala Dapster.

He is setting a bad example to Malaysians, the majority of whom are young enough to be his grandchildren and great grandchildren. He’s showing kepimpinan melalui teladan for belligerence, heckling see video below and using abusive language.

Promoting the culture of confrontation

No other nation is electing a nonagenarian to its highest office. Opposition supporters have always liked to mock Malaysia for holding unsavoury world records. At this juncture, the Dapsters are happy to create a world record for oldest prime minister.

Imagine if Najib Razak were 93 this year and he has already ruled the country 22 years. Would DAP supporters still insist that Najib’s age and long tenure in Putrajaya should not be questioned?

If Dapsters had their way, they’d want to put a cap of two terms on a prime minister from the BN. Tun Mahathir has led his former party in FIVE! general elections but DAP wants him – in his Pakatan incarnation – for their coalition figurehead.

Clearly, the DAP and its followers practise double standards – one rule for them and another for everyone else and furthermore, rules can be continuously Ubah-ed and the goalposts shifted.

⇓ Channel News Asia correspondent in Malaysia gloating over Tun’s chutzpah; the liberal media are Najib’s enemies

“Apakah Tun M terlalu tua untuk jadi PM?” Only 6.2 percent of all Malaysians are aged above 65. Tun Mahathir is extraordinary in that his advanced years are totally off the charts in the Department of Statistics’ census record-keeping.

According to our national demography statistics, elderly Malaysians are recorded within the age structure of 65-69 years and 70-74 years. Any Malaysian older than that are lumped together in the catch-all 75+ years age group. We’re not told how many are 90-94 years because the numbers are too minuscule to register on the graph.

The only reason we can fathom for Tun Mahathir’s exceptional longevity is that he might have drunk an elixir from the fountain of youth. But one does not sign a Faustian pact to live ‘forever’ without having to pay a price.

⇓  The Mahathir rebel yell at Bersih 5

The ‘Malay ultra’ enabler empowering DAP

We all know how negatively the DAP and Dapsters used to regard Tun Mahathir. Today there’s been such a tremendous turnaround that they’ve become his most vociferous cheerleaders.

The thing is they’re not lauding any exemplary conduct being displayed by Tun.

No. They’re boisterously goading Tun on when he’s being boorish and a bully. It’s a match made in heaven – the boorish Protuns have found their soulmates in the Dapster bullies. One  are street justice warriors and the other are plain street thugs. Combined they make a helluva ugly lynch mob.

The thuggish Dapsters would never have dared to be so gangsterish if they’d not been convinced that they’ve gained an adequate level of Malay support since the 2008 tsunami.

Earlier it was PAS constantly coming to the defence of the DAP when the Christian-dominated party’s evangelical leaders encroached into Islamic matters. Then the Dapster thuggery had overwhelmed the fourth Bersih rally that surprisingly received the patronage of Tun.

Tun’s presence in the fifth Bersih rally – by that time a Chinese show – was even more prominent.

Today the insufferable Dapsters are thoroughly emboldened riding the Trojan Horse that is Mahathir. They think they can ride him all the way to Putrajaya.

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Main reason behind PAS’s antagonism towards DAP


Now that PAS is no longer allied with the Pakatan coalition, it’s hated by the DAP even more than Umno is.

This has a lot to do with the DAP leadership of Lim father and son – a political dynasty that has become a byword for hatred of one’s political opponents. Their party is synonymous with the politics of hate.

BN, particularly Umno, has been on the receiving end of hate from DAP for decades.

Likewise, former Umno president Tun Mahathir Mohamad had also been hated on intensely by the Lims for many decades but miraculously rehabilitated (di’Bersih’kan) since he made his infamous U-turn to the opposition camp a couple of years ago.

⇓  How the worm turns

DAP’s inexhaustible store of hate

Last week, a report was lodged against Lim Guan Eng for allegedly uploading seditious and libelous (“fitnah”) content online. The report to Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission was made on March 15 by Ragvinder Singh Jessy, better known as Raggie Jessy to his readers.

The complainant, who operates The Third Force political website, followed up two days later with an article questioning Guan Eng if he was “teaching kids to hate” BN – refer video evidence here.

On and off, PAS served as the object of DAP hate throughout the checkered history of these two parties when their paths crossed. However, in the honeymoon period spanning the twelfth (2008) and thirteenth (2013) general elections, PAS became a political ally of DAP and thus was temporarily spared the latter’s legendary hatred.

No ceasefire from the twitching “lizard tail”

PAS believes itself presently to be “attacked and slandered left and right”, and says as much in a banner message pinned on its official home page. The lament is for the consumption of the party’s Muslim grassroots.

Since the detente achieved between Umno and PAS presidents Najib Razak and Abdul Hadi Awang respectively, the Islamist party has not been “dalam keadaan diserang dan difitnah kiri dan kanan” by the establishment.

Umno and PAS on the other hand have called a truce in the spirit of perpaduan ummah. The attacks on PAS is now largely being carried out by PAN, with additional slander piled on by the DAP saying that PAS is “racist” and “extremist”.

From the PAS viewpoint, PAN is merely an attack dog reared by DAP, or in Hadi’s more colourful description “Melayu yang diperkudakan dan pengkhianat yang bersekongkol dengan [parti anti Islam] yang bakal menjadi laksana ekor cicak yang putus daripada badannya kerana meninggalkan PAS”.

An article today in the PAS party organ Harakah headlined ‘Silap besar PAN (1): Biarkan DAP “dictate” mereka’ written by Dr Kamarul Zaman Yusoff – a political analyst who has successfully managed to get under DAP’s skin of late – explains much.

In his presidential homily carried last fortnight also in Harakah, Hadi had continued to push for an enhancement of the Syariah Court’s criminal jurisdiction – an initiative known under the rubric ‘RUU355′ after the PAS president’s private member’s bill submitted to parliament.

Among other things, Hadi said in his March 4 column “[ia] menjadi kewajipan kepada orang Islam mempertahankan kedudukan agama dia, bukan (sahaja) dalam diri dia, termasuk dalam negara dan perlembagaan negara”.

“Dengan makna apa-apa perkara yang berkait dengan urusan orang Islam mesti diselesaikan oleh orang Islam. Di sini mewajibkan kita meninggikan Mahkamah Syariah”, Hadi continued.

There are several parties actively trying to derail RUU355, including the DAP, MCA, MIC and Gerakan plus the Sarawak native parties. So why is PAS’s gunsight trained on the DAP?

⇓  ‘Harapan’ or Hope is full of Christian connotations; Hannah Yeoh preaching in church

DAP widely perceived to be a Christian party

In his more recent Harakah column on March 18, Hadi fired a shot across the bow at the “parti yang nyata anti Islamnya”, clearly implying that DAP is the target.

Hadi, who is a world renowned Muslim cleric, complained that “they” feel more emboldened today to speak up rudely without any consideration for Muslim sensitivities, aside from openly interfering in the affairs of Islam.

He added that PAS cannot allow the enemy of Islam to jeopardize Muslim political power over the country, and invoking surah an-Nisa’, verse 141: “Allah Taala tidak mengizinkan sekali-kali bukan Islam itu mengatasi Islam dengan apa-apa jalan sekalipun”.

And mind you, DAP is the party which takes the highway that says “winning is not everything, it is the only thing”.

Going into GE14, PAS’s stated aim is to “membersihkan politik temberang, bohong, fitnah dan melampau, serta kalangan yang hanya mencari kesempatan berkuasa tanpa dasar yang betul dan hala tuju yang benar-benar menyelamatkan rakyat dan negara bersama Islam,” Hadi elaborated.

There are certainly various non-Muslim factions not friendly to PAS’s Islamic state aspiration. Why then does PAS regard DAP to be the most hostile and anti Islam?

In his ‘PAS dan cabaran segenap penjuru’ presidential message a few days ago, Hadi made particular mention of the Western colonizers who had brought a Christian agenda to proselytize to the indigenous peoples of Tanah Melayu. Nonetheless, due to the deep-rooted influence of Islam, the attempt at Christianization failed.

Quite understandably, PAS is unhappy with those currently seeking to thwart the Islamization process. But again, why is DAP singled out as the great nemesis?

DAP stands out among those perceived as enemies of Islam because the idea that DAP is a Christian party – and one furthermore bolstered by militant evangelicalism – has gained increasing traction with the PAS ulama and rank-and-file.

It appears that the party top leadership is beginning to share this view too.


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Robert Kuok, overseas Chinese and the homeland



Below is the Forbes 2017 ranking of Malaysia’s richest men in American dollars:

    1. Robert Kuok
    2. Quek Leng Chan
    3. Ananda Krishnan
    4. Teh Hong Piow
    5. Lee Shin Cheng
    6. Lim Kok Thay
    7. Yeoh Tiong Lay
    8. Lau Cho Kun
    9. Tiong Hew King
    10. Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary
    11. Chen Lip Keong
    12. Lee Oi Hian & Lee Hau Hian
    13. Koon Poh Min & Koon Poh Keong
    14. Surin Upatkoon
    15. Kuan Kam Hon
    16. Desmond Lim Siew Choon

Jeffrey Cheah, the Sunway Group chairman, ranked at 17th.

Top placed Kuok’s financial worth was estimated by Forbes at $11.4 billion last year. With his $970m fortune, multi-millionaire Jeffrey Cheah however just failed to make the cut for dollar billionaire.

Interestingly also, the famous Vincent Tan of Berjaya Corporation come in at No.20 on a fortune of $820 million.

Of Malaysia’s total 16 billionaire individuals/families, 13 are Chinese. Or in other words, more than 80 percent – four out of five – Malaysian billionaires are Chinese.

China and Hong Kong combined had 386 billionaires last year. Other countries with the highest number of billionaires in the world are the United States (565), Germany (114) and India (101).

MCA embodying Chinese polity in Robert Kuok

MCA and its newspaper have been very loud in defending Robert Kuok the last few days.

The Star today reported MCA Youth chief Chong Sin Woon as saying that the derogatory remarks about Kuok (made recently by an Umno minister) “were humiliating to the Malaysian Chinese community”.

But why should a negative view about one particular billionaire of Chinese descent be extended as a ‘humiliation’ to be felt by the entire Chinese community in Malaysia?

⇓  MCA president under the delusion that he speaks for “the Chinese community”

MCA president Liow Tiong Lai assumes above that when one prominent Chinese holding a Malaysian passport is criticized, all Malaysian Chinese by extension would feel the humiliation.

Let’s say, hypothetically, that Azman Hashim of AmBank fame (one of Malaysia’s richest men) is criticized by an MCA or MIC cabinet minister. Should all Malays then be expected to feel slighted too?

Since when is Azman representative of the Malay community, Ananda of the Indian community or Kuok of the Chinese community. Is it being anti Malay to say something negative about Azman or about Shahril Shamsuddin (Sapura) or about Mokhzani Mahathir (the 420 million dollar man)?

Question of M’sian nationality and dual loyalties

Robert Kuok holds a Malaysian citizenship albeit he resides in Hong Kong. Were Kuok to be a China national, his fortune would place him somewhere just below the top one dozen among Chinese billionaires.

The Star yesterday asserted that Kuok is “a true Malaysian”. Today the MCA paper piled it on by reporting Nazir Razak’s opinion that Kuok is “a patriot”.

In all their insistence on Kuok’s true blue Malaysian-ness and patriotism, little is said about the fact that he has lived in Hong Kong for roughly the last 44 years. Lest we forget, Hong Kong is a part of China.

⇓  An opinion poll by the South China Morning Post

This month, China introduced a new five-year, multiple-entry visa especially for the Chinese diaspora. This ‘ancestry visa’ entitles its holder to stay in China for up to 180 days at a stretch.

Persons with Chinese blood, i.e. the “overseas Chinese”, can apply. [Note: There is even an Overseas Chinese Affairs Office in Shanghai.]

Those of Chinese origin will be able to apply for the China visa, “regardless of how many generations back their connection goes”, reported Australia’s ABC News early this month (Feb 1).

More than 50 million Chinese emigrants – mostly from the Fujian and Guangdong provinces – had left China between 1850 and 1930 to resettle on greener pastures. Among them arose a successful entrepreneurial class like the descendants who have become Malaysia’s billionaires.

In Robert Kuok’s words, the Chinese diaspora are “the most amazing economic ants on earth”.

Robert Kuok

Unbreakable ties to the homeland

ABC News also reported a little-known historical fact that China’s “Qing Dynasty government created a law in 1909 giving Chinese born overseas equal rights to Chinese citizens”. It further quoted University of Sydney historian Dr Loy-Wilson as saying the new visas are “a recognition of homeland”.

Dr Loy-Wilson injects into the visa issuance exercise “a historical perspective […] of a continuing tie to homeland despite in some cases generations of being away from China”.

In Robert Kuok’s memoir released in Malaysia last December, Kuok reminisced how his mother had once exclaimed, “I am an overseas Chinese citizen of Malaysia”. He himself sees Malaysia as his parents’ “host country”.

In a 2013 interview with Singapore paper The Straits Times, Kuok explained why he is twin-rooted to both his place of birth and source of his cultural heritage: “Roots are roots, except that my other root is the root of my parents — and that is China”.

Rather than their overmuch protestations about Kuok’s true Malaysian-ness, it would be more honest of the MCA and its media The Star to critically discuss the New Order where the Chinese diaspora are, in this generation, living in the ‘Chinese Century’.

After all, The Star itself on 27 Nov 2017 published an extract from Kuok’s memoir where the billionaire had opined, “When they left their homeland, the overseas Chinese retained the culture of China in the marrow of their bones”.

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Melihat Lebih Jauh Daripada Keputusan Kes Indira Gandhi vs Muhammad Riduan Abdullah


oleh Rijaluddin Ahmad

Secara umumunya sesuatu undang-undang diwujudkan untuk mendidik (educate) dan mengawal selia (regulate) sesuatu kelompok manusia di dalam sesebuah negara. Dalam konteks jenayah umpamanya, objektif utama penguatkuasaan undang-undang adalah untuk memelihara keselamatan awam, melindungi negara selain memastikan keamanan di dalam wilayah negara.

Berlainan sedikit daripada konsep Maqasid Syariah dalam Undang-Undang Islam, yang bertujuan untuk melindungi agama Islam itu sendiri dan seluruh sistem Islam yang terbina untuk diri, keluarga, masyarakat, negara bangsa, malah untuk hubungan antarabangsa di peringkat global selaras dengan prinsip keadilan yang digariskan dalam al-Qur’an dan as-Sunnah Rasulullah SAW.

Sebagai sebuah negara merdeka lagi berdaulat, maka Malaysia dibentuk berasaskan sebuah Perlembagaan Persekutuan yang direka-cipta khas oleh Suruhanjaya Reid bersesuaian dengan struktur asas (basic structures) kewujudan Tanah Melayu dan yang terbaik untuk warganya ketika itu dan masa depannya.

Bapa-bapa Kemerdekaan Tanah Melayu amat menghormati sejarah negara bangsa ini.

Perlembagaan Persekutuan itu sudah disepakati oleh sebuah kerajaan yang dibina atas beberapa parti sebagai menghormati perwakilan semua kaum, diperkenankan oleh Raja-Raja Melayu dan menpunyai susur galur kaitannya dengan Perlembagaan Persekutuan Tahun 1948. Sejarah Perjanjian Persekutuan Tanah Melayu 1948 itu sendiri adalah bertunjangkan kesefahaman di antara penduduk asal negara ini yang menuntut beberapa terma penting dimasukkan ke dalam perlembagaan itu.

Perlembagaan Persekutuan juga mengambilkira peruntukan perlembagaan Kerajaan Negeri-Negeri Melayu seperti yang sedia ada; khususnya Kerajaan Negeri Johor. Malah ada sarjana yang mengaitkan kewujudan dan kelangsungan Perlemabagaan Persekutuan yang teguh berdiri hari ini berasaskan Kanun Melayu Melaka. Kaitan ini adalah disebabkan faktor pengaruh kuat Islam yang bertapak sejak 700 tahun sebelum itu.

Ini menujukkkan peruntukan Perlembagaan Persekutuan sebenarnya mengandungi sejarah, cerita dan kisahnya yang tersendiri, yang dibina di atas keunikan kehidupan masyarakat Tanah Melayu yang mendahuluinya. Perlembagaan ini tidak berdiri dengan sendiri tanpa asas yang kukuh. Adalah dangkal untuk mana-mana pihak mengabaikan kepentingan asas pembentukan Perlembagaan Persekutuan itu sendiri yang kaya dengan sejarah negara bangsa ini.

Harus juga dilihat bagaiaman kuasa politik orang Melayu kemudiannya dikongsi bersama dengan kaum-kaum lain sehinggalah Malaysia terbentuk pada tahun 1963; termasuk Singapura yang berpisah pada tahun 1965 kemudiannya. Dalam sekelip mata, dengan dentingan jarum jam genap 31 Ogos, berserta gema laungan ‘Merdeka’, kewarganegaraan Tanah Melayu dibuka luas untuk menerima kaum bukan Melayu.

Kemurahan sifat menerima oleh bangsa peribumi Melayu ke atas kaum lain yang dibawa oleh Inggeris ke Tanah Melayu tentunya berpaksikan kepada sifat rahmat Islam yang dianuti bangsa Melayu itu sendiri. Atas sebab itulah kita harus terus ingat dan hayati kata-kata keramat Tun Tan Siew Sen dan Tun V.T. Sambanthan yang amat menghargai tangan setia kawan  yang dihulurkan oleh Tunku Abdul Rahman al-Haj waktu itu.

Tun Tan Siew Sen memahami sejarah dan naratif pembentukan negara Malaysia.

Itu adalah liku-liku sejarah yang mesti kita semua fahami. Sejarah itu juga mesti difahami oleh pemimpin dan pemain berkaitan (concerned players),  sama ada dalam aliran eksekutif, legislatif apatah lagi perundangan; lebih-lebih lagi dalam pada menghormati ketiga-tiga dahan tubuh negara ini adalah berlandaskan suatu sistem Raja Berperlembagaan yang amat unik.

Itulah Malaysia seadanya. Hanya dengan sedemikianlah negara dapat ditadbir urus berpandukan perlembagaan selaku kuasa perundangan tertinggi. Orang Melayu telah bersedia berkongsi kuasa dan negara dengan bangsa lain atas sebab mengutamakan pembinaan sebuah negara bangsa baru bernama Malaysia. Malays are ready to move on.

Akhir-akhir ini, bermula dari PRU-13 dan semakin panas menjelang PRU-14, kepercayaan yang dicurahkan oleh bangsa Melayu kepada bangsa lain mula tercabar. Rupa-rupanya dalam diam-diam, dendam membara dan api sekam mula menunjukkan bahangnya. Tangan persahabatan tulus ikhlas dibayar dalam bentuk dendam kesumat untuk mengambil-alih pemerintah politik sepenuhnya.

Menerusi parti-parti politik dan atas dokongan pelbagai NGO dan organisasi, dalam dan luar negara, perancangan tersusun ini semakin terserlah.  Kita harus membaca keputusan Mahkamah Persekutuan dalm kes Indira Gandhi vs Muhammad Riduan Abdullah dalam perspektif yang lebih jauh.

Ku Li: JAKIM tidak mengikut Perlembagaan

Cetusan idea Ku Li yang disambar secepat kilat oleh peguam-peguam  liberalis-sekularis dan seangkatan mereka supaya keabsahan pengwujudan JAKIM mula dipersoalkan. Ini diburukkan lagi dengan provokasi kononnya keputusan mutakhir Mahkamah Persekutuan “memperlihatkan sifat sekularnya perlembagaan negara”.

Tuduhan seperti ini amat membimbangkan. Ini menjurus kepada “Islam-bashing” yang amat ketara! Lebih dangkal lagi, tuduhan cetek ini dibuat tanpa mempedulikan sejarah dan naratif negara bangsa. Malaysia yang sekian lama menerima fitrah Islam dalam nadi jiwa negara, kini dilihat berdiri compang-camping kerana terlalu ramai yang ingin menidakkan elemen fitrah Islam yang ada.

Kita seharusnya melihat penghakiman Mahkamah Persekutuan dalam kes Indira Gandhi melangkaui kepentingan hak-hak mualaf yang diputuskan. Sudah tentu kedudukan undang-undang di dalam kegamatan yang nyata untuk isu melibatkan kebenaran kedua ibu bapa dalam hal penukaran agama anak.

Tetapi yang lebih utama adalah keperluan untuk orang Melayu yang beragama Islam di Malaysia untuk menangani lambakan pengataan menyeleweng mengenai fitrah negara ini. Negara Malaysia bukanlah negara sekular dek kerana 1 keputusan Mahkamah Persekutuan yang melanjutkan pemakaian prinsip struktur asas yang asing dalam perundangan negara.

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