Christians demonizing China — understanding evangelical DAP


“Their hypocrisy is breathtaking” — Najib

“They deceive the people by deliberately camouflaging their leaders behind Malays,” said Najib Razak referring to the DAP strategy. Another iteration of this camouflage is in the copious tudung wearing and mosque activities of DAP’s evangelical Christian leaders.

Finally, after all these years that the prime minister has been trying to play nice, he has – on our election eve – dropped his noblesse oblige and called out the opposition for the duplicitous chameleons that they are. And it’s about time!

Najib’s cabinet member Salleh Said Keruak (the caretaker Communications Minister) similarly views the DAP’s camouflage tactic to win over the Malay vote as “a sort of deception”.

Deceptive, certainly; the religious costume playacting is mainly being carried out by the party’s evangelical wing.

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Life in the Dapster parallel universe

In his strongly-worded election message issued yesterday, Najib said the DAP and its allies “tell outright lies” through their undermining of our nation “in their relentless pursuit of power”.

Najib labelled the opposition coalition “Pakatan Fitnah”. He said “the DAP-led opposition have done everything they can to obscure the truth with a tsunami of fitnah“.

What an excellent call-out, and a leaf right out of Trumpism. Fitnah most definitely courses through the bloodstream of the Coalition of Hope.

Yes indeed, the opposition supporters are “pathological liars”. The fruit does not fall far from the tree; the followers learn from their leaders.

Najib said the lies of the opposition “have become so outrageous” that its supporters are living in “an alternate reality”.

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Synonymous with slander

“For them black is white and white is black. They offer not hope but disaster,” Najib said.

On the shower of false promises made in the Harapan manifesto, Najib says “the opposition offer populist promises they can’t deliver on, and often outright lies”. So very true: Lying is in their veins.

Unsurprisingly “they are stabbing the Malaysian people in the back with their constant lies right now,” added Najib.

Accusing the opposition of possessing a forked tongue, Najib said they’re shameless in their twisted tactics and dirty tricks which they [particularly the DAP evangelicals] use so blatantly.

It’s just slander and more slander coming from them, the prime minister lamented.

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Evangelical Christians bashing China and its investments

Former Malaysian ambassador Dennis Ignatius is among the foremost China bashers. He is an evangelical Christian.

Like him, it is the evangelicals including Yang Berhormats from the DAP, who are the most vocal in fearmongering about China.

In his appeal yesterday to the voting public, Najib said: “The opposition scaremonger that we are selling our sovereignty to China. But this is absolutely false”.

He explained that foreign direct investment is a two-way street and as a matter of fact, “we have more Malaysian investments overseas than [FDI] in this country”.

“And we have actually had more FDI from Japan than China, but they don’t say we are selling our country to the Japanese!”

If that is so, why then the paranoia with regard to China?

Malaysian Chinese are positive about bilateral ties with Beijing. It is only the evangelicals who are hysterical about the ‘yellow peril’ or China economic ‘takeover’. Part of the reason for their anti-China hysteria is their animus derived from the Chinese authorities’ frequent crackdown on churches.

China views evangelicals as a national security if not existential threat.

“If you sour the relationship with the Chinese government and China, the implication is very, very serious,” Najib was quoted to have said on the campaign trail in Sabah, the South China Morning Post reported two days ago.

Pakatan Harapan, which is dominated by evangelical Christians, is hellbent on souring our relationship with the Chinese government and China.

After Najib is returned to power on May 10, this aspect of the opposition’s insidious propaganda should tackled and the culprits prosecuted for fake news.

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