DAP and its mules are not for my family

“The inherent character of Pakatan people is that they are blatant liars…” 

By Rahmat Omar

Some time last year, I had breakfast with my father [Tun Haniff Omar] and a retired senior police officer somewhere near Kampung Slim, between Tanjung Malim and Slim River. The conversation revolved around the political situation then.

The retired senior police officer asked my father, “Tun, what do you think of Tun M working with the DAP?”

My father’s reply was simple: ” I will never trust anyone who works with the DAP.”

My father was a Special Branch officer trained the Hoover-way at Quantico, Virginia. He was a 27-year old Officer in-charge of Police District (OCPD) Ipoh in Perak when the 13 May tragedy occurred and was promptly transferred to the National Operations Council (MAGERAN) to assist Tun Abdul Razak with restoring law and order. He was also the Inspector-General of Police from 1974 until his retirement in 1994. He would know most of the politicians who existed during his time by heart.

My father has always remained objective and apolitical. Many think that he is a Mahathir-man, but he is far from one. As the IGP, he tendered his resignation four times – three under Mahathir.

A pro-Mahathir Facebook page against whom I had lodged a police report for slander never believed me when I told them that my father does not trust DAP lackeys.

I sent him a WhatsApp message once to just fish for a reaction:

The above was the exchange of messages between he and I.

Tonight, I had just arrived back from Johor Bahru where I had been for the past five days. I turned on my mobile phone and found that he had sent me some messages that started off with the following:

It seems that someone had sent him a fake message claimed to be from Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam, someone he knows well. There was a volley of messages exchanged between he and the person, and you can read his replies – the ones with the red arrow:

The inherent character of Pakatan people is that they are blatant liars who will dish out fake news which are then carried by their dumb supporters. And they would believe these fake news like they have come straight from God Himself!

Asking a Pakatan supporter to verify messages before sharing is much like asking a six-year old Korean boy to write a 2000-word essay in Latin. Such simple task for a normal person is just far too complex for them. An idiot would have a far higher intelligence quotient value than they do.

So, on 9 May 2018 you decide if you are a normal person, or the one stupider than an idiot. And decide if you want the country to be run by human beings, or by DAP’s mules.

Source: SeaDemon Says

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