DAP must no longer be allowed to use Islam as a political tool


By Danial Ariff Shaari

DAP’s evangelical leader Joshua Woo (pix below) is apparently anal retentive. He repeats himself endlessly, as if by the force of mere repetition he will be able to hammer a false premise i.e. secularism, into the crucible of truth.

In a recent MMO article, for example, Joshua used the term “secular state” 11 times.

He did this on top of using a host of other related expressions, to wit – “secular federation”, “secular polity”, “federation’s secularity”, “secular framework”, “proposed secularity”, “would be secular”, and “should be secular” to emphasize the false DAP claim that Malaysia is secular.

[Hat-tip: The list above was counted by my fellow Tanjak contributor Mohd Khairul Anwar al-Idrus in his Sept 5 article ‘Tanah Melayu sebenarnya milik orang Melayu’.]

‘Secular’ is obviously a word constantly on Joshua’s lips. Our federal constitution is a “secular document”, Joshua had similarly insisted in his declaration to FMT earlier titled ‘I will quit DAP if it is a Christian party’ (6 July 2017).

For the record, Joshua’s party DAP asserts that the Malaysian constitution is originally secular in its framework. [Note: Joshua is a DAP-nominated municipal councilor in Penang.]

Regardless of the propaganda diligently spread by Joshua – pix below – and his party colleagues, however, the many, many constitutional provisions enshrining Islam cannot simply be wished away by the DAP evangelical crusaders.

I have in fact been kind to describe Joshua as being obsessive compulsive over the secular hallucination. Upon further thought, it should perhaps also be pointed out how self-contradictory he is.

On the same 6 July 2017 date, Joshua had another screed published that was headlined ‘Religion in politics can be hopeful’.

Recall that Joshua is permanently fixated in his mind that the federal constitution is a secular document and that Malaysia has a secular political framework.

Yet at the same time, he proclaimed “if religion and politics naturally attract each other, then perhaps it is only right for us to take this attraction into serious consideration in our nation-building effort” − see his ‘religion in politics’ FMT opinion piece.

Oxymoronic much?

Can Joshua and his DAP fellow travelers make up their mind? Separation of church and state, or endorsing the mutual attraction between religion and politics? Which is it that they want?

Malaysiakini columnist S. Thayaparan

So-called ‘secular’ DAP detestably exploiting religion

“Does [Hannah] Yeoh consider herself a Malaysian first or a Christian first?” Malaysiakini‘s leading political analyst S. Thayaparan once asked in his May 30 column, calling out the DAP’s insupportable fallacy.

Another question rightly to be asked of Selangor Speaker Hannah Yeoh, aside from her Christian preaching, is with regard to her ‘Muslim’ posturing. She and her acolytes have been camping in the mosques and surau like they’re an ‘occupation’ movement.

What a religious chameleon Madame Speaker is!

Yesterday Thayaparan in his column quoted the founder of modern Turkey Mustafa Kemal Atatürk as saying “Those who use religion for their own benefit are detestable”.

Uncle Thaya’s Sept 6 article is titled ‘DAP should stop using Islam as a political tool‘.

He assessed that “DAP’s strategy to support ‘Islamisation’ based on the constitution is the most cynical exploitation of religion I have witnessed in some time”.

Thaya highlighted how this most cynical exploitation is “what DAP’s Lim Kit Siang has done”, which is to “continue the Islamic state narratives in this country by embracing the concept that ‘Islamisation’ has a place in the Malaysian experience…”.

“How exactly does ‘Islamisation based on the constitution’ that DAP supports different from what Umno has been doing?” added Thaya.

The retired commander Thaya is evidently sick of the mesra Islam wayang by DAP.

While many Muslims who are pro-establishment (Umno/PAS) are convinced that DAP is anti-Islam, some among those who are pro-opposition can see that the evangelical party is actually compromising or sacrificing the secular principles that DAP loudly proclaims itself to be a champion of.

In other words, DAP has betrayed the secular cause.

Why are people who don’t fast like Hannah so keen to buka puasa in the mosque?

‘Lamb of God’ bleating to her flock

In another one of his Malaysiakini columns on Aug 9, Uncle Thaya once again took an oblique jab at Hannah Yeoh (pix above)

He wrote, “If there was an atheist plague in this country, then Umno, PAS and Bersatu would be cast aside as would every politician who bleats about how god put him or her on his or her political path.”

His allusion to the “politician who bleats about how god put her on her political path” is quite clearly referencing Hannah.

[In page 108 of her autobiography Becoming Hannah, Madame Speaker wrote “God knew the desire of my heart to preach and serve Him. And He made it happen through my political office”.]

Uncle Thaya cautioned too that DAP politicians should remove their “religious garb” and “leave faith at the door” if they are indeed truly secular.

Recall that Hannah Yeoh wrote “God wants to reclaim politics and public service in Malaysia for righteousness’ sake”.

Not content with preaching politics in churches and aspiring to spread the word of God, is she aspiring also to expand God’s dominion over the Malaysian public service?

It is undeniable that DAP is desperately trying to out-Islam even PAS while already surpassing Umno in making a (fake) show of Islamic piety.

Wanita Umno leaders, for instance, are out-‘tudung’ by DAP evangelicals such as Hannah and her girls. Observe that Umno’s Azalina Othman, who holds a cabinet position, does not wear tudung.

DAP is also making a huge brouhaha over its funding of a “syariah-compliant hospital”. At least Umno is sensible enough to acknowledge that government doctors across the country do not need a ‘halal’ practising certificate, as the DAP’s “syariah-compliant hospital” initiative seems to imply.

Neither do Umno politicians swoop in with an entourage on pasar Ramadan during puasa month to distribute itsy bitsy packets of buah kurma to Muslim shoppers.

I’m glad that Uncle Thaya’s forbearance finally snapped to the extent that he chided “DAP should stop using Islam as a political tool”.

It’s astounding how Dapsters can twist themselves into believing that a secular federation practising secular policies might even remotely be reflected in the DAP’s hypocritical shenanigans.

Danial Ariff Shaari is an Isma activist trained in law




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