Harapan line up is DAP’s Melayu-skru-Melayu strategy



The newly announced list of Pakatan Harapan office bearers is as about believable as any pure intentions Hannah Yeoh might conceivably harbour in choosing to wear tudung.

In short, the official Harapan line up is as genuine as Hannah’s tudung.

Voters would surely think it is surreal how the strongest opposition party (DAP) with 36 MPs can be willing to take a backseat to the party (PBBM) with only a single MP.

Mentality of Chinese voters and DAP psychology

Appearances are deceiving and there is udang sebalik batu with regard to the topsy-turvy arrangement in Harapan. The Chinese electorate is well aware of this … nudge nudge, wink wink.

Or else how can this Harapan anomaly even be allowed to happen − that is, the ultrakiasu DAP apparently permitting the racialist (bumiputera only) PPBM to take the wheel?

Kiasu people, by nature, will never yield an inch. So obviously there’s more going on behind the scenes than meets the eye.

It does not make sense otherwise that DAP – which controls the bulk of the opposition vote bank – can so easily let the untested PBBM grab the lion’s share of Harapan top leadership positions.

After all, the opposition base is Chinese and they were the tsunamic force that caused BN to lose the GE13 popular vote.

Here’s the most rational explanation

The DAP voter base is rabidly loyal. They are like the supporters of Donald Trump (or dictator cult figure) who are willing to accept whatever flip-flops or 180-degree turns by their Dear Leader.

No sin or volte face that the DAP commits can weaken the Chinese pro-opposition electoral support, making them abandon their longstanding anti-establishment fury.

And if DAP can sell them – these Chinese and Christian voters – a flimsy excuse as to why the Harapan leadership must look, at face value at least, like its being led by Malays, then these hardcore opposition supporters will be willing to play along with the charade.

⇓  “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and wouldn’t lose any voters, ok? It’s, like, incredible.” — Donald Trump

Refer minute 0:22 above

Chameleon displaying false colours

Take the following example below as an illustration of how the camouflage tactic works.

Urban legend has it that while The Star is ostensibly the MCA’s newspaper, it is believed nonetheless to serve the real interests of the DAP.

Former DAP member of parliament Dr Kua Kia Soong once wrote:

“Back in Malaysia at the end of 1982, apart from working, I wrote profusely in response to many issues confronting our society during that time. It was a period when the press such as The Star were relatively freer and while it was owned by the MCA, we used to joke that it was ‘edited by the MIC for the DAP’.”

See his 31 Aug 2016 article ‘The patriot game revisited’ in the Suaram website.

P. Gunasegaram, an ex-managing editor at The Star, collaborates Dr Kua’s expose.

Gunasegaram similarly wrote:

“At one time in the late 80s and 90s when The Star was establishing its editorial credentials, a common quip was this: The Star is owned by the MCA and run by the MIC for the benefit of the DAP’.”

The excerpt above was taken from his Why Ho Kay Tat left The Star’.

What the widespread anecdote about The Star suggests is that behind the facade of MCA face that presented to the public, in actual fact, the organization was run “for the benefit of the DAP”.

Let’s do a reality check as to how the Harapan framework is close to The Star in design.

Puppetmaster DAP actually calling the shots

The Chinese electorate harshly castigates MCA for allowing Umno to be top dog in the BN. They sneer at MCA as Umno’s “running dog”.

They reject BN because they say that the ruling party’s Chinese component is always kowtowing to the Malay hegemon.

But look at the Harapan office bearers at ‘presidential’ level. Doesn’t it appear on paper that DAP is kowtowing to the Malay hegemon too?

  • Ketua Umum (ketum): Anwar Ibrahim (PKR)
  • Chairman: Dr Mahathir Mohamad (PBBM)
  • President: Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail (PKR)
  • Deputy presidents:
    • Muhyiddin Yassin (PBBM)
    • Lim Guan Eng (DAP)
    • Mohamad Sabu (PAN)
  • Vice-presidents:
    • Azmin Ali (PKR)
    • Mukhriz Mahathir (PBBM)
    • Chong Chieng Jien (DAP)
    • Salahuddin Ayub (PAN)

There are 10 names listed above. Only two are Chinese while the rest are all Malay. In other words, Chinese representation in the Harapan top tier is one-fifth or 20 percent.

Not only that but the DAP sec-gen is ranked fifth in the roll-call with four, more important, names above his. Where is the ‘meritocracy’ championed by DAP? Why is the most powerful party with 36 parliament seats being given only such a mediocre role?

Chinese nudge-wink understanding to DAP’s pretense 

Chinese voters in the last general election (2013) were full of contempt for MCA because the BN Chinese party failed to stand shoulder to shoulder with Umno in terms of leading the government.

So why would these same Chinese voters now be willing to close one eye to how DAP seemingly took a step back and allowed politicians previously connected to the hated Umno – Tun M, Anwar, Muhyiddin, Azmin, Mukhriz – to dominate a political bloc created by DAP?

Bizarre, isn’t it?

Chinese voters constantly trash MCA for not being influential enough in BN and allowing Umno to play Big Brother.

So where is the ‘ubah’ or change demanded when bossy DAP appears to be reduced to insignificance in Harapan while ex-Umno personalities are the new coalition’s headliners.

Why throw out or replace MCA for being weak in BN when, on the surface, it looks like DAP is equally weak in Harapan?

The answer: Elementary my dear Watson. Don’t trust the false picture they paint.

Opposition supporters would have already been made to understand implicitly that the Harapan line-up so lopsidedly favourable to Malays is a mere DAP ploy to ‘use Malays to screw Malays’.

This overarching strategy to exploit Malays to topple the current Malay leadership was inadvertently revealed when the DAP’s political strategist ‘Superman’ Hew Kuan Yau let the cat out of the bag.

What Hew said a couple of years ago about riding the Mahathir trojan horse is proving prescient.

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