How low can liberal media go? Very!


Very fake news: CNN busted using misleading video to fabricate Trump fish food blunder — Breitbart

By John Nolte

Left-wing CNN was caught using fake video last week to mock President Trump for following the lead of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe with the emptying of a box of fish food into a koi pond.

The only thing is that, in order to make Trump look like a rube, the Trump-hating network left out the part about following the Japanese prime minister’s lead.

CNN’s hit job through video edit

As you will see below, the video in this CNN tweet is a ‘banana’ [selectively edited], is presented in a way to make Trump look foolish by deceiving news consumers:

Different picture from full unedited video

But as you can see at the 58 second mark in the unaltered apple video of the photo-op below, President Trump was merely following his host’s lead, and only emptied his box of fish food into the pond after the Japanese prime minister did:

Compare both videos to see CNN misrepresentation

The event is a photo-op with the American president and Japanese leader. In a wide shot of the two men, both hold separate boxes of fish food as they spoon the food to the hungry koi in the pond below.

What CNN did: At right around the 42 second mark, the camera zooms close on Trump. At the 49 second mark you see President Rube simply flip over his box of fish food and dump it out.

And then, just as Very Fake News CNN intended and the other left-wing outlets that intentionally misreported it intended, the world laughed…

UPDATE: This is only CNN’s first piece of fake news last Monday morning. The last-place network also selectively-edited a Trump quote to automakers as a means to “fact check” the president as either dishonest or ignorant.

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