Is the Malay Mail trying to incite public unrest in KL?



It is highly irresponsible of the Malay Mail Online to report that “almost 100,000 Rohingyas” are believed to have “been killed in the past week due to the violence there involving the Myanmar military forces”, quoting an NGO spokesman.

The incredible figure of one hundred thousand Rohingya murders occurring over the past week, as reported in the MMO in its article today headlined ‘Why thousands of Rohingya protested in KL on Merdeka eve’, is not only unsubstantiated but wholly preposterous.

No other media in the world has suggested such an inflated death toll – see screencapture above – as cited by MMO.

In contrast, Al-Jazeera reported last night that 370 Rohingya ‘fighters’ were killed over the past week in Rakhine state.

Armed Rohingya guerrillas/terrorists had been attacking Myanmar police outposts and a military base in Maungdaw district. The fire fights also resulted in the deaths of more than a dozen members of Myanmar security forces over the same period.

British newspaper The Independent yesterday had the fatalilites numbering 400, including casualties on the Burmese side.

Other reputable press outlets recorded the Rohingya death tally to be in the hundreds, or at the most an unofficial estimate of thousands.

No media came anywhere close to the incredulous six-digits (100,000) tossed by the mischief-making MMO. 

Malaysian police acted perfectly within bounds when they arrested 44 Rohingya demonstrators for causing trouble outside the Burmese KL embassy.

Astro Awani earlier reported that some 1,000 Rohingya were at the demo in Ampang during Merdeka eve.

It was the aggressive and provocative behaviour of the Rohingya protesting against the Suu Kyi administration that necessitated the FRU to step in and take action.

MMO certainly does not help matters with its alarmist fake news carried this morning.

Hence we need to ask whether the incendiary story by the- portal with regard to believing that “100,000 Rohingya have been killed” is done on purpose to incite violence among their Muslim countrymen currently staying in Malaysia.

Is this MMO misreporting characteristic of a pro-opposition apparatus attempting to undermine the authority of local police who have had to control a Rohingya crowd that has been deliberately agitated by (false) report of mass murder on a genocidal scale in their native land?

Whatever the MMO’s underlying true motives maybe, there is no denying that this TMI offshoot is becoming almost as insidious as The Malaysian Inciter.

President Donald Trump is correct to label the USA liberal media as “opposition party” and “enemy of the state”.

Indeed the American chief executive has an invaluable lesson to impart on how to deal with a hostile media hellbent on toppling the regime when PM Najib Razak visits the White House on Sept 12.

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