“Kepala bapak kau” … only one generation removed from Kerala


" Kepala bapak kau " here the video people are talking about. …

here the video people are talking about. Our prime minister express his anger in santai mode then laugh about it. video credit : KiniTV

Posted by Tanjak on 9hb November 2017

Chill lah people.

Even if Najib Razak did joke “kepala bapak kau” which was directed at Tun Mahathir Mohamad, well so what?

Yeah, it does sound ‘un-prime ministerial’ – like how some of Donald Trump’s utterances sound unpresidential – but at this point in the atmospherics of our timeline, that’s where we are politically. Plant a flag.

Najib did not hurl the phrase abusively. Look (video above), he was being jovial.

Tun M is the most trying eminence grise who can cause even the sainted Mother Teresa to lose her temper.

Is it okay to say something rude with a smiling face? Perhaps not.

But it is now up to the opposition how they will take it. They can laugh it off and let this slide, or they can declare war.

It seems they’re doing the latter because in their eyes, Najib is the very devil himself. Such a situation is mirrored in the USA.

The Democratic party there is trying their damnest to get the president impeached while American liberal media is all out to kill Trump.

Potus retaliates by calling CNN “fake news” and trolling the New York Times as a “failing” newspaper. His then White House chief strategist Steve Bannon characterized the media as an opposition party and Public Enemy No.1.

When Bannon was ousted, his people famously declared war.

Najib is under the same stresses. The DAP together with Tun’s party is out to topple Najib and a certain mainstream media is stabbing the PM in the back.

Trump’s political survival depends on his conservative base. Likewise Najib’s.

“Kepala bapak kau” is by no means greeted with dismay and hand-wringing by the Umno hardcore. Instead they’re cheering “Go for it!”

If the DAP-PBBM opposition is really itching for a fight, they’re going to get it.


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