‘Kingdom Invasion’ – the transforming of nations


Christian preacher Lou Engle got into trouble recently with Singapore authorities for his alleged anti-Islamic comments and police are waiting to interview him.

The evangelical pastor is the subject of ongoing investigations on whether his statements had undermined religious harmony in the island republic. He’s linked to the Christian right in the USA and known for leading mega prayer rallies.

Engle had been invited last month by the local Cornerstone Community Church to speak at its ‘Kingdom Invasion’ conference. It was his third visit to Singapore since 2016.

⇓  Singapore today questioned the nature of missionary activities by foreigners

A foreign religious worker is required to obtain a work pass from Singapore’s Manpower Ministry in order to preach or speak at faith events.

Last year, two foreign Christian preachers were barred from speaking in Singapore after making insulting comments that were considered anti Islam and anti Buddhism.

Some quarters are now pressing for a more stringent vetting of such preachers.

‘Church planting’ actively carried out

Pastor Engle had been invited to Singapore by the high profile Pastor Yang Tuck Yoong.

Pastor Yang founded his church in 1995, and ever since then, the Cornerstone Community Church has successfully “planted over 150 churches, schools, orphanages, and bible colleges in 16 different bases around the world”.

Malaysia has these Cornerstone Community churches too.

Evangelicals view Singapore as “the Antioch of Asia”, which is to say that it is the foundation stone for Christianity’s spread in this part of the world.

⇓  Pastor Lou Engle preaching to an ecstatic crowd in Singapore

Ubah 2018 – “Asia for Jesus!”

Speaking on the Kingdom Invasion opening night, Pastor Engle had recalled the prophecy by world famous evangelist Billy Graham 40 years ago back in 1978 that Singapore would be the Antioch of Asia.

Pastor Engle himself viewed Singapore as “a transformational hub for other nations”.

“He prophesied that there will be a rising up of Daniels and Esthers to usher in the prophetic destinies of nations around Singapore,” said the City News publication in its coverage of last month’s event.

The March 17 City News article is headlined ‘Kingdom Invasion 2018: The rising up of Daniels and Esthers’.

(As a matter of side interest, Hannah Yeoh – through her Becoming Hannah autobiography – gives readers the impression that she sees herself as walking in Queen Esther’s shoes. Esther was a Jewish biblical heroine who had saved her persecuted people.)

“At its core, Kingdom Invasion is about activating believers and churches to take up the Lord’s mandate to bring the Kingdom of God into the world,” City News explained.

Cornerstone Community Church founder Pastor Yang is rallying his fellow churches “to take Singapore into its God-given destiny”, the Christian publication reported. On the Kingdom Invasion conference’s closing night, he took to the stage to declare “Asia for Jesus!”

“Kingdom invasion is not just about signs and miracles, but about the real transformation of cities and nations,” City News quoted a Malaysian conference participant, Kenneth Yu, as saying.

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