Prospects for Umno-PAS govt if popular trend holds


Voters in Europe are losing patience with the lunacy of the left.

Exit polls say the far right obtained the strongest support from Italian voters whereas the left has been obliterated“.

Bloomberg’s economics columnist Ferdinando Giugliano tweeted that Italy’s polls results yesterday are “of the same league as the #Brexit or the #Trump upsets”.

Italy’s anti-immigration right wing party, the Five Star Movement, is projected as the biggest winner.

However due to the lack of a clear majority, Rome would likely be facing difficulties in getting a ruling coalition formed – the same predicament as experienced by Berlin which has been five months without a government.

Presumptive chancellor Angela Merkel’s just concluded coalition deal with the socialists will elevate Germany’s anti-immigration far right party, AfD, to become the chief opposition in the Bundestag (German parliament).

The Italy poll result is the latest in a series of electoral gains by the far right across Europe.

Last year in the Netherlands’s elections, the hard right, anti-immigration party led by Geert Wilders became the second largest force in the Dutch parliament.

France’s Marine Le Pen of the far right Front National also finished runner-up in her country’s presidential race. Le Pen is a vocally anti-immigration and ultra nationalist politician who only ever speaks French in public.

Most recently, Austria saw the installation of a government headed by conservative chancellor Sebastian Kurz who allied himself with the far right party that finished second in the Austrian election.

If Malaysia’s GE14 follows the trend in Europe, we shall see a nationalist Umno government in coalition with an ultra conservative PAS.

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