The corrupt media


Fake news is like an “ever-growing virus”, according to French president Emmanuel Macron, against which our democracies have to be protected.

⇓  The Star … a questionable tabloid 

Pakatan Harapan’s 10 promises to be fulfilled in 100 days just don’t pass the smell test, for example, its promise to abolish the GST which – in all likelihood – is only going to return with a vengeance under a different guise.

Their fairy dust promises thrown by the opposition coalition are being made to the gullible public by ex-members of Umno – Tun Mahathir, Anwar and Muhyiddin.

Now these are the very same politicians whom Lim Guan Eng (pictured below together in Harapan manifesto poster with his old nemeses) and his father Lim Kit Siang used to blame for sending Malaysia down the path of a failed state.

⇓  What ‘Ubah’ can you have when Harapan is merely recycling Umno rejects like Mahathir, Anwar and Muhyiddin?

To protect our democracy from fake news

It is the partisan media that is complicit in providing a platform for, and disseminating the fake news created by the political side which they support.

Some Trump surpporters, like @Jack below, believe that the intellectually poisonous media “have to be destroyed” in order to protect our democracy.

Best thing Trump has done is slap down the media

PJ Media columnist Andrew Klavan discusses with host Dave Rubin which one of Trump’s iconoclastic acts it is that has resonated most with wide swathes of bullied Americans.

Video beginning minute 7:10

ANDREW KLAVAN: “He [Trump] has driven a truck into the structure of a corrupt, biased, intellectually poisonous media and it was rotten, the structure was rotten but he’s the one who drove the truck into it, and I don’t think anybody else had the charisma or the viciousness or that understanding that comes from being a TV star to do what he has done.”

⇓  Taking a sledgehammer to the corrupt media is a necessary job, and President Trump is the one doing it [and PM Najib should do the same]

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