The purple power of puffy Marina Mahathir


By Danial Ariff Shaari

What a bunch of tiresome makciks and power puff girls!

Predictably, the ubiquitous Marina Mahathir was one of the driving forces behind the purple-themed #WanitaBantahPolitikToksik assembly gathered a few days ago (Sept 10) in the heart of KL.

But what do they mean by ‘toxic politics’? Well, I am not entirely sure myself.

And what is it that the purple power rallygoers actually want? What I could see at the #WanitaBantahPolitikToksik walk were lots of people holding different posters with various messages. Their many demands mirrored Comango’s.

That’s nothing surprising in ‘purple power’ replicating Comango as the activists behind both these NGO initiatives overlap.

I saw that Sisters in Islam (SIS) board member Marina was at the purple power press conference. So were other liberal women such as G25’s Noor Farida Ariffin and MMO columnist Syafiqah Othman Hamzah — seen below sporting streaky blonde hair.

Can you spot Teresa Kok?

Purple power rally was a Pakatan street show

The widespread presence of prominent Pakatan Harapan leaders unfortunately turned the anti-toxic politics rally into a politically flavoured event.

A number of DAP female Aduns were present. Check out just who the DAP leaders were flanking. Although not a woman, Harapan paramount chief Tun Mahathir Mohamad too made an honorary appearance at the #WanitaBantahPolitikToksik event.

It looks like Tun M has got his arm around Hannah Yeoh’s shoulder (pix below). He has suddenly become best buddies with the DAP chieftains. Tun and the DAP are now an item!

Purple power rally was channeling Comango

So we see how last Sunday afternoon Tun and the DAP were marching alongside the Comango female commandos.

Comango is a coalition of NGOs lobbying the United Nation over the Universal Periodic Review that evaluates the status of human rights in Malaysia.

Comango wants our Malaysian government to sign and ratify two international treaties that would jeopardize the role of Islam and the special position of Malays and bumiputera.

If Comango’s demands are met, the position of Islam in the country would be weakened and its influence as the religion of the federation diluted. Obviously one can guess that DAP would most willingly throw its weight behind Comango in this regard.

Yet only recently the hypocritical DAP announced its party support of the process of Islamization based the federal constitution.

What hypocrisy.

Needless to say, we’ve all noticed also how the hypocritical Hannah sibuk-sibuk pakai tudung. But at the same time, she is marching with these purple-dressed makciks who feel more liberated without tudung, for example Marina, Farida, Siti Hasmah, Siti Kasim etc.

⇓ Siti Kasim is the purple power rally’s platinum bottle blonde

Purple power rally was hijacked by LGBTs, evangelicals

Liberal Islam believes that the state religious authorities should not be dictating that Muslim women cover their aurat. Hence it does make you wonder why a DAP evangelist like Hannah Yeoh is making such a great show of tutup aurat (for instance, during her mosque occupation extended campaigns).

Is the DAP insidiously attempting to push its version of liberal Islam?

Surely the DAP’s idea of Islamization is one that promotes a liberal attitude to sexual orientation and religious liberties, i.e. including the freedom to murtad.

⇓  Hannah Yeoh’s solidarity with marchers at the purple power rally in support of missing/abducted evangelical pastors suspected of converting Malays to Christianity

Not only do some of them wish to challenge the status quo, they also seek for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (Sogi) rights be upheld. This kind of social liberal push will only destabilize Islam.

Sighted at the purple power rally were posters with the slogan “Lesbian … is a gift from God” (see below). Do they mean a gift from the Christian God because homosexuality is certainly frowned upon by Allah SWT.

Blonde haired, platinum haired, green haired rebels

It’s also difficult to make out whether the gender benders marching with their placards at purple power rally are really boys or girls. For instance, it’s truly hard to tell whether the green, punk-haired demonstrator below – who objects to racist, sexist and homophobic/transgender leaders – is a male or female.

Purple power should more rightly be represented by rainbow colours since the LGBT activists seem to have hijacked what was supposed to be a protest by women against toxic politics.

Purple power rally was a platform for name-calling

Establishment leaders are called racist, sexist, homophobic, bigots, haters and toxic.

In contrast, the purple power women are seemingly so virtuous. They’re the Love-Thy-Neighbour crowd who are non-racist, non-sexist, non-homophobic, non-bigoted and as wholesome as Vitamin C.

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Marina Mahathir is one of the purple power activists who’s very high profile in virtue signalling.

Marina is not shy to take it upon herself to publicly call out the racist, sexist, extremist, bigoted and other ‘toxic’ specimens among her fellow Malaysians.

She seems however to have forgotten that the Selangor religious authority MAIS has, through its state fatwa, declared Marina’s noisy NGO (i.e. SIS) as not only toxic but even a “deviant” group.

Who is the toxic one, eh?

The green-haired purple power protestor above is Ineza Roussille − a French citizen with Malaysian permanent residence.

Filmmaker Ineza has been linked to the Seksualiti Merdeka movement as well as made videos for transgender info/education campaigns.

Ineza is Marina’s daughter.

Danial Ariff Shaari is an Isma activist trained in law

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