The yellow fists of fury



Dr Kamarul Zaman Yusuff is not at all surprised Clare Rewcastle Brown has revealed Ambiga Sreenevasan to be the source of her allegation that PAS received RM90 million funding from Najib Razak.

The UUM political analyst is referencing court documents filed in the libel suit initiated by PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang in London against Sarawak Report – the website operated by Rewcastle Brown.

On her part, Ambiga complained about “targeted acts of intimidation and harassment” directed at her in Malaysia after Rewcastle Brown’s revelation was made public.

Ambiga with Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama in Washington DC

In her press statement on Thursday, Ambiga pictured herself as the victim of political persecution, not to mention the subject of sexist, racist and defamatory remarks.

Ambiga’s persecution complex is par for the course. She is the former Bar Council chairman, ex-Bersih 2.0 co-chair as well as current Human Rights Society of Malaysia (Hakam) president. In Ambiga’s rarified worldview, she is convinced she’s on the right side of the law, along the correct arc of history, plus she is ‘clean’ and she is the ultimate social justice warrior (SJW).

Rewcastle Brown had also suggested in her court papers that Ambiga is of the opinion Najib’s backing for the PAS Islamic agenda was made in return for PAS’s reciprocal support for the political status quo.

Evaluating the testimony by Rewcastle Brown, Dr Kamarul concludes it is Najib who is Ambiga’s real target, and not Hadi Awang.

Dr Kamarul further discerns that behind Ambiga’s SJW posturing, she harbours a great hatred against Najib and the BN coalition which he leads.

His conclusion is that hating on Najib has become the new normal among the likes of Ambiga. This reasoning is bolstered by hearing Ambiga speak at the Oct 14 ‘Anti Kleptocracy Rally’ in Petaling Jaya where she repeatedly exhorted her listeners, “BN must go”.

Preaching that BN is dirty and Harapan clean

“The 13th general elections were not clean by any stretch of the imagination, (and) I think the 14th general elections are going to be worse,” claimed Ambiga.

Dr Kamarul quotes her as saying the above at the regional conference on ‘Democracy in Southeast Asia: Achievements, Challenges, Prospects’ organized by Suhakam together with the Kofi Annan Foundation in Kuala Lumpur on Sept 2-3 this year.

Nonetheless, Ambiga has not backed up her accusations about the purported election rigging with any proofs, countered Dr Kamarul.

Barack Obama meeting Malaysian activist leaders on 27 April 2014

The problem with Ambiga and other self-righteous oppositionists of her ilk is their staunch belief that any hatred for the supposedly ‘corrupt’ present day establishment is something quite justified. Dr Kamarul describes her obsession as “kebencian meluap-luap Datuk Ambiga terhadap Datuk Seri Najib dan BN”.

The SJWs believe themselves some kind of upright ‘people’s tribunal’ sitting above and in moral judgment on the powers-that-be.

To achieve ther SJW objectives, these pro-opposition agitators are even willing to turn to foreign powers.

In doing so, they’re importing the hatefulness and divisiveness that is the hallmark of the zero-sum-game in western politics to our Malaysian shores.

And neither are the poltically correct SJWs any more ethical than the politicians they despise. Look at their U-turn or whitewashing of Tun Mahathir’s role in Ops Lalang.

Within this scheme of things, hating vehemently on Najib (and his wife) is an auto reflex. What they seem to forget, however, is that hate begets hate.

It is hardly wise for an unpopular minority to embark on such a course of action – one that promotes hate – when they themselves are more vulnerable than the targets of their vitriol.


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