The yin and yang of Jamal Yunos



Sungai Besar Umno division chief Jamal Yunus is the quintessential agent provocateur. He is to the pro-establishment Malays what Namewee is to the anti-establishment Chinese.

And Jamal is equally popular, having many fans especially among Wanita Umno. Not everyone finds his outrageous gimmicks and antics off-putting, even when it extends to ‘assault’ − for example, smashing beer crates to protest Oktoberfest.

In the latest development, police have warned Jamal to desist from baiting Pakatan Harapan’s so-called anti-kleptocracy rally this weekend.

The truth of the matter is, the conservatives need someone like Jamal as a counterweight to someone like Tony Pua who is a truly appalling person.

There are many similarly ghastly evangelicals and demagogues in the opposition. The appeal to reason and compromise does not work with these Coalition of Hope hypocrites.

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The two sides of the political divide can no longer be bridged. There is a parallel to this in American politics. The left is just too radicalized, period.

John Daniel Davidson writes, “the median Democratic voter has radicalized much faster than the median Republican voter, and most of this radicalization happened while a Democratic president [Obama] was in office”.

Writing in The Federalist two days ago, the publication’s senior correspondent said, “Although it’s true that Republicans have moved further to the right as Democrats have moved further to the left, it’s the leftward slide that should worry us”.

It is likewise in Malaysia. The leftward slide – liberalism, secularism, pluralism – is indeed worrying. Yes, Jamal is a right-wing radical but he is merely a reaction and response to the increasing radicalization on the left.

If the opposition is hell-bent on doing disruptive rallies and throwing accusations around like confetti, why should they then feign surprise that a Jamal Yunos should emerge from the right to challenge them?

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