What Muslim voters need to know about MPs in the House


At the time that parliament dissolved last month to pave the way for GE14, the Dewan Rakyat members are as follows:

(taking into account deaths/by-elections, party hoppers and independents since 2013)

Opposition MPs (76)

  • DAP — 38
  • PKR — 28
  • PAN — 7
  • PPBM — 1
  • Warisan — 2

Harapan MPs who are Muslim (27):

  • DAP — 2
  • PKR — 16
  • PAN — 7
  • PPBM — 1
  • Warisan — 1

For the record, the parliamentarians outside of BN are those remaining in PAS (13 MPs), Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj (PSM), Khalid Ibrahim (ex-PKR) and Sim Tong Him (ex-DAP).

William Mawan Ikom who represented Saratok in Sarawak is aligned to BN.

Out of the 130-odd MPs who are BN, 84 of them are from Umno. With the exception of Umno’s Ronald Kiandee – a native Christian who represents a Sabah constituency – the rest of the BN anchor party MPs are Muslim.

Now compare Pakatan Harapan’s meagre 27 Muslim MPs with the BN’s large number of Muslim MPs who are roughly three-and-half times more numerous.

Hence it is not wrong to forecast that Pakatan Harapan cannot be dominated by Muslims as well as that the evangelical Christian influence on the opposition is very strong.

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